Los Angeles Lakers: Why They're the Favorites to Win the NBA Title

jack nussCorrespondent IMay 17, 2008

The Lakers came into Utah on Friday night with all the odds against them,everybody said that they cant beat the Jazz in Utah.However, the Lakers had other ideas.

Instead they showed that they are ready to seperate themselves from all the other teams that were 1-21 on the road in conference semi finals.They showed that they have the cohesive and the poise of champions.And they proved that when their leader is healthy then they can win anytime anywhere!

The  Lakers have had a long journey back to the Conference Finals,as have all other 3 teams that will be there. But the Lakers are different, they have the best player,the best team,the best coach,and the best chemistry and know the importance of every situation.

They look like a team ready to win a championship, and here is why!

They haven't had any games that they have been a blow out at the hands of their opponents yet the entire postseason,the only team still left that can say that, and haven't even lost by more then 8 points. It was still a convincing loss and felt that they could win the game,and they are the most resilient team.

They can beat anybody in any game and win,like they can play half court and beat you,they can beat you in up-tempo style,they can beat you in any kind of offense!And i think that that's the only team left in the playoffs that can claim that!

This team has proved that they can win on the road and can stay calm even during you are making a run, and that's why i think the Lakers will win the championship this year and a few more in years to come!And the main message the  Lakers have sent to the league is WATCH OUT!!