Chicago Baseball Draft: Pitching Is at a Premium

Cregen McMinnCorrespondent IAugust 19, 2009

CHICAGO - JUNE 28: Alexei Ramirez #10 of the Chicago White Sox moves away from Ryan Freel #4 of the Chicago Cubs while turning a double play on June 28, 2009 at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago, Illinois. The White Sox defeated the Cubs 6-0. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

With that in mind I challenged my coworker Wes to a Chicago baseball draft. The following are the results.

*Note on the team setups. We decided that we would draft three outfielders—regardless of what outfield position they normally play.  Also, we only drafted three starting pitchers and three relief pitchers. (Sorry Kevin Gregg)

Wes’ team                                            Cregen’s Team

C) AJ Pierzynski (25)                           C) Geovany Soto (24)

1B) Paul Konerko (15)                          1B) Derek Lee (12)

2B) Ryan Theriot (19)                          2B) Chris Getz (26)

SS) Alexei Ramirez (11)                        SS) Jayson Nix (28)

3B) Gordon Beckham  (1)                    3B) Aramis Ramirez (4)                                   

OF) Milton Bradley (21)                        OF) Alex Rios (10)

OF) Kosuke Fukudome (13)                   OF) Alfonso Soriano (18)

OF) Carlos Quentin (5)                         OF) Jermaine Dye (16)

SP) John Danks (3)                              SP) Jake Peavy (2)

SP) Mark Buehrle (7)                            SP) Carlos Zambrano   (8)

SP) Gavin Floyd (17)                            SP) Ted Lilly (20)

RP) DJ Carrasco (27)                            RP) Bobby Jenks (6)

RP) Jeff Samardjiza (23)                        RP) Carlos Marmol (14)

RP) Matt Thornton (9)                          RP) Angel Guzman (22)

Notes on the teams:


Jeff Samardjiza was picked with future in mind. That, and after the top four relievers were taken the bullpen talent falls way off.

Beckham was the consensus No. 1 pick.

The Fukudome pick was for his OBP. The 13th pick seems high, but look at who was taken after him it’s hard to argue the pick.

Floyd with the 17th pick might be the steal of the draft. A consistent No. 3 for the rotation who helps take the pressure off that bullpen.


Peavy with my first pick is risky, but it’s hard to argue with a legitimate ace as a first pick.

I also reached for Jenks. I’m not a huge Jenks fan, but the closing situation with the Sox/Cubs isn’t the best right now.

I like the Rios/Soriano/Dye outfield for the next few seasons.

HUGE weakness at 2B/SS. But once again there wasn’t much left by the time I got to that position.

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