College Football Week 4 Top Ten Roundup

JD SummerContributor ISeptember 24, 2007

IconLSU is the best team in the country.  Or is it USC?  What about Oklahoma, Florida, or West Virginia?  Maybe even Cal? 

Simply put, it is too early in the season to be sure who the best two teams in the country are.  It is easy to say that USC will face LSU for the BCS National Championship in January, but the odds of that happening are quite slim.  USC still plays Oregon, Cal, and UCLA.  LSU will potentially have to beat Florida twice.

Here is my list of the top 10 teams in the country right now, and how they fared this weekend:

1. LSU (def. AP #12 South Carolina, 28-16)

Why they're #1: LSU beat a very solid South Carolina team.  The defense held Steve Spurrier's team to just 17 yards rushing, and forced 3 turnovers.  In previous weeks, they've handled opponents easily, including AP #17, Virginia Tech.

2. USC (def. Washington State, 47-14)

Why they're #2: they demolished Washington State.  They have a legitimate Heisman contender at Quarterback.  They are loaded with talent on both sides of the ball.  They dominated Nebraska last week.  But they don't face their first real test until they travel to Oregon on October 27th, in Week 9.

3. Florida (def. Ole Miss, 30-24)

Why they're #3: through Friday, I would've had the Gators at number two, but they didn't put away Ole Miss like they should've.  Tim Tebow is making his case as the best dual-threat QB in the nation, but the defense shouldn't have given away 24 points to the worst team in the SEC one week after allowing Tennessee 13.  This week, they will face an Auburn team looking to get back in the SEC West race.

4. Oklahoma (def. Tulsa, 62-21)

Why they're #4: they are just decimating opponents, including North Texas (worst in the Sun Belt) and Utah State (worst in the WAC).  Their offense is incredible, but I am not sold on their defense quite yet.  If it keeps up like it did against Miami, the sky is the limit for this team.

5. Cal (def. Arizona, 45-27)

Why they're #5: they opened the season with a strong home victory over Tennessee.  Their offense was strong against Arizona, but their rush defense was clearly ahead of the pass.  They travel to Oregon next week.  The winner of that game should emerge as the team with the best chance to unseat USC.

6. West Virginia (def. East Carolina, 48-7)

Why they're #6: they have the best offense in the Big East.  Pat White is scoring touchdowns left and right this year and the team is averaging just under 50 points a game.  The defense has looked downright terrible at times, though.  The ECU game was a step in the right direction.  They'd better be careful at South Florida on Friday.

7. Oregon (def. Stanford, 55-31)

Why they're #7: they have looked as good as anyone offensively.  They stomped all over Michigan in Week 2, and dropped 55 points on Stanford Saturday.  At the same time, their defense gave up 28 points in the 2nd Quarter.  Unacceptable.  They host Cal on Saturday.

8. Boston College (def. Army, 37-17)

Why they're #8: they are the best team in the ACC.  Their QB is on fire, and they put down Army handily.  They have also given up less than 50 yards per game rushing so far this season.  They need to learn to put away mediocre teams early in the game, though.

9. Texas (def. Rice, 58-14)

Why they're #9: they handled Rice as they were supposed to—easily.  But they also had trouble with Arkansas State and took the entire game to put away Central Florida last week.  They host Oklahoma in two weeks in what is sure to be an excellent game.

10. Clemson (def. NC State, 42-20)

Why they're #10: they put away Florida State in Week 1, and haven't been challenged since.  They very well may have the best backfield in the country.  We'll know a lot more about them in two weeks after they've faced Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech.

Bubble Teams: Ohio State, Wisconsin, Kentucky