Washington Nationals Making Change at GM? Who Knows at This Point?

Dave NicholsSenior Analyst IAugust 19, 2009

WASHINGTON - MARCH 29:  Stan Kasten, President of the Washington Nationals, talks to fans before the exhibition game against the Baltimore Orioles at Nationals Park March 29, 2008 in Washington DC.  (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)
According to this Yahoo Sports story, "acting" GM Mike Rizzo may soon be looking for work. Gordon Edes cites multiple sources that the Washington Nationals may be very close to announcing a permanent general manager. Speculation points to Jerry DiPoto, Arizona Diamondbacks V.P. of Baseball Operations.

CBS Sports's Danny Knobler already has DiPoto telling friends he plans to accept the job.
But according to the Washington Post's Nationals Journal, and ESPN.com's Keith Law, that's not the case at all.
So who has it correct?
I am not surprised about any of this in the slightest; neither the idea of it, or the way it’s going down.  This organization has a history of not being able to get out of its own way. They are dampening the goodwill of signing Stephen Strasburg by allowing this situation to dangle unresolved.
Rizzo has done a good job handling the responsibilities thrust upon him since March, when Jim Bowden fell on his sword in his last self-serving act to baseball. The then assistant general manager oversaw the closing of Jose Rijo's training center and move of the Dominican baseball operations to a new facility.
Since, he's overhauled the bullpen (twice), obtained a true center fielder, trimmed fat from the roster, conducted a draft, participated in the firing of a well-respected manager, and was part of the signing of the savior.
Fans want to know, what more could Mike Rizzo do to prove he's worthy of the full-time gig?
Regardless of how it was presented in the media, Rizzo probably had very little to do with the Strasburg signing other than the nuts and bolts of contract structure. The Strasburg negotiations were always between the ownership group and Scott Boras. Rizzo's involvement was more as a conduit. But it helped that Rizzo has a nice relationship with Boras.
What would be a shame is if the Nats were using Rizzo for his relationship with Boras to grease the skids, then send him packing.
But make no mistake, there is an organizational house-cleaning coming. Hiring a permanent GM is the first step. Maybe it will be easier to clean house with someone fresh coming in.
Several of the Bowden hires in the front office and in consulting positions will have their contracts expire come October, not to be renewed.
Since moving to D.C., this organization has never had a chance to work properly. No one in a position of authority has been able to hire the people that work for them. Kasten was stuck with Bowden. Bowden was stuck with Rizzo. Everyone was stuck with scouting director Dana Brown.
Even the managers weren’t able to hire their own coaches.
I suspect that the new GM will come in and clean house and be allowed to hire his “own people" for once. The way it’s supposed to be done.
If Mike Rizzo isn't the guy though, that would be a shame.