It is What it Is

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It is What it Is
Well, nobody can change the fact that Brett Favre has now officially signed with the hated Minnesota Vikings.

It bites. Really bites. And what can we do? Nothing. Not a single thing.

But, please, though it is distasteful to us all, stop hating the man, Brett Favre!

Today the media and blogosphere is filled with people's raging rants about what a selfish, arrogant jerk Favre is, as if any of this has anything at all to do with a single author or writer. Sorry to break the news to the Favre haters, but it is not about them; at all.

It just is what it is.

Decisions were made. Some wrong ones, some hard ones. But none of us had to make any of them.

I am of the opinion that Ted Thompson is to blame for not letting Favre back on to the Packers in the spring of 2008 and ushered him into a pre-mature retirement.

But none of that, none of what I think or any other writer thinks, makes Brett Favre anything but a Minnesota Viking this year.

Packer fans will be cheering against our former hero this year, but he has given enough of himself to Green Bay fans over the many years over center to earn a little space to do what he thinks he has to do. And I think only the childish will hate him for it.

Furthermore, it will bring an added level of excitement and significance to the Packer-Viking games this year, will it not? There will be mixed emotions, heightened drama and memorable times.

Enjoy that for, well, what it is.

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