Things Have Changed for the Cincinnati Reds, Just Not Enough

StephenCorrespondent IAugust 19, 2009

I go on vacation for one week and return to find a lot of changes in Reds nation. Unfortunately, losing is not one of them.

David Weathers to the Brew Crew?

Gonzo to the Bo Sox??

Harang and Arroyo clear waivers??? (Not really a surprise.)

Scott Rolen on the DL??? (Again, not really a surprise.)


What I found funny about each of the two trades was Walt Jocketty’s comments. Walt made it sound as though we were doing these two a favor by trading them to contenders. 

Speaking of favors, Walt could do everyone a huge favor by releasing Willy Taveras and just eating that mistake of a contract; but that’s neither here nor there.

Perhaps trading Stormy to the Brewers was a favor to him and the Brewers. It won’t be a favor to Bob Uecker’s blood pressure, that’s for sure.

Trading Gonzo to the Red Sox was a definitely a favor to him, but more like a cannonball shot to the side of the Red Sox’ vessel. They say they’ve had problems at short stop this season, but I’m not sure this is the band-aid they’re looking for.

Anyway, hopefully there’s a sucker out there willing to take a flier on the likes of Bronson Arroyo or Aaron Harang. I honestly hate writing that about Harang because I like the guy a lot, but the Reds Community Fund is only a charitable side operation of the organization. 

Last but not least, I can’t help but wonder how many times we’re going to have to read the words: “Rolen to the DL.” Granted, this time it was a result of a nasty pitch he took to the head against the Rockies—a fluke-type of injury. 

Is anyone else as ready for September call-ups as I am?