Giants' Micheal Strahan: "$8M or Goodbye"

josh klessCorrespondent IMay 17, 2008

According to two sources familiar with the situation, Micheal Strahan is requesting $8 million to return to the Giants for what would likely be his final season with the in the NFL. That would be double the $4 million salary he's due this season in the final year of the seven-year, $46 million deal he signed in 2002. In a meeting with Giants' officials in March, Strahan was told, "We'll take care of you" financially, according to a source, but the Giants weren't specific about those plans. According to one source, Strahan has been told the team is willing to go as high as $6 million for one season. The $8 million Strahan is seeking isn't an arbitrary number, either. It's the 2008 salary of Miami's Jason Taylor, a defensive end in a comparable situation.