Ten Parties Affected By Brett Favre's Return

Boris YovchevCorrespondent IAugust 19, 2009

Yesterday morning, wondering what the first day of the new week may have to offer on the sports front, I checked the online sports page of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinnel.

Well, here is some "good" news!

Brett Favre is making headlines again and Jay Glazer from FOXSports.com seemed convinced that when it comes to the return of Favre the question was not "if," but rather "when."

Today the news was confirmed by the rest of the media and everything became official when it was announced that Favre had signed a two-year deal with the Vikings.

Another lousy press-conference follower but more on that later.

I have tried to stay away from writing columns about Favre. Many others have already spoken everything that needed to be said, and then some. But this time even I can't restrain from expressing my deepest disgust with the former sports icon any longer.

A couple of weeks ago we were transcended back to the summer of 2008 to relive yet another painful and dramatic moment with Favre.

Judging from comments and posts on sports blogs and web sites, people were once again asking themselves whether one of the brightest football stars of our generation had stepped off the football field for one last time. In the meantime the Minnesota Vikings seemed as if they were wondering what hit them, and how they would restore the lost trust in any player filling a quarterback spot on the team roster.

At least that was the way things appeared from the sidelines.

Based on what the community knew about Favre, observers had the full right to wonder if we had seen the end of it. I don't think anyone was in a position to guarantee that the Favre retirement frenzy was over for good. Not when time and time again we have been witnessing the indecisiveness of a 40-year-old man who turned out to be as reckless about making a retirement decision as he was in terms of throwing long bombs on the football field.

Yet, with the entire surrounding circus, which inevitably exhausted every living football fan walking the streets of our community, I must admit I finally believed that this thing was over.

I guess I was wrong.

Today, the Vikings and Favre created another installment of Brett's retirement soap opera. In this episode Favre is brought to Minnesota just in time for him to start playing without participating in a significant portion of the Vikings training camp.

What a great way to break the locker room, don't you think?

There are certain people out there who are likely either aggravated with or affected by Favre's return. Here are those individuals and groups of people along with an explanation of why they were included to this list.

1. Minnesota Vikings - Locker Room/Players

Put yourself in the shoes of the Vikings players. Maybe not all of them, but a certain number of them are not happy with the distractions that Favre brought to the team this summer.

Imagine how the supporters of the current quarterbacks on the roster would feel when they are put in a position to cater to a player who has clearly shown to everyone that he does what he does not because he cares so much about the game or the team, but because he wants to see the Packers organization suffer.

Also, imagine the players who have given it all in training camp just tp watch a primadonna walk in at the end of camp and get treated like he is superior comapred to everyone else.

I know I wouldn't like it.

Yes, some players will be won by the fact that Favre, at least on paper, provides this team with a better option at the quarterback position, hence it gives this team a fighting chance to reach and win a Super Bowl. Winning is all it is about after all.

But is anyone sold that Favre after the season he had last year and at age of 40 is really capable of leading a team to the title? 

And how is everyone going to feel when this team starts being labeled as "Favre's team" when clearly the biggest barometers with or without Favre will be the Vikings defense and Adrian Peterson?

2. Minnesota Vikings - Fans

I already read numerous blog posts by Vikings fans who are furious about the way their team has handled the situation. 

Some have been opposed to this deal since the first time rumors started surfacing. Favre is after all the player who everyone loved to hate while he was wearing the green and gold colors of the Packers. 

There is certain to be a mixed reaction among Minnesota fans, and one should expect Favre to have a very short leash when it comes to fan support.

If nothing else, the hatred Vikings fans hold for the Packers is now exceeded by the hatred their team's quarterback has for his old team.

3. Minnesota Vikings - Brad Childress

I wonder if the man knows what he is doing. He acts as if he does, but only time will tell. 

I am willing to bet that some people will never forgive Childress for bringing in a former persona non grata to Minnesota. There is not much to say here as everyone in their right mind understands the significance this move will have for Childress. 

I hope he is ready for it.

4. Green Bay Packers - Ted Thompson

Today, Ted Thompson did one of two things without even realizing it.

He either recorded his biggest win as a GM of the Packers, or he untightened a few more screws off his already shaky chair.

I read some articles stating that the Packers will be under no pressure to win now that the Vikings are counted as the sure favorite by everyone. I wonder if Ted Thompson agrees with that statement.

The Packers GM did his best to keep Favre out of the NFC North last year. He created a trade trap for Favre and the Jets that would not allow the quarterback to get traded. Well, they could trade him while giving up a few first round draft picks in the process, but no GM in their right mind would do that.

Only, Ted Thompson forgot one minor detail.

Favre's desire to stick it to the Packers was so great that he would tarnish his legacy in front of another market and another franchise so long as he is given a shot for revenge.

5. Green Bay Packers - Aaron Rodgers

No player deserves to be made such a victim of something so dramatic as the Favre retirement frenzy as Aaron Rodgers was.

What did the second year starter in Green Bay do to anyone to deserve such destiny?

As if it wasn't enough that last year Rodgers' numbers were compared to those of Favre after every game, this year the rising star in green a gold will have to match up against Favre twice on the same field.

But as they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Maybe in the end Rodgers will be so trained to take hits and face the doubters with a smile that he will emerge as one of the top quarterback in this league.

A future playoff game will likely carry one percent of the magnitude of the game scheduled for November 1st at the mecca of professional football.

How is that pressure coming, Aaron?

6. Green Bay Packers - Fans

I don't know how to say this in any other way so I will just say it in the most direct way I can.

Brett Favre is dead to the majority of people in the state of Wisconsin. If you think that's a bit extreme I suggest you go to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinnel Packers blog or on the Green Bay Packers Facebook account.

And if you are really curious to know how the majority of locals view this latest move by the former deity, I recommend you just visit the state of Wisconsin. 

I think you get the idea.

7. New York Jets - Fans and Organization

You can bet everything on the fact that the green part of New York hates Favre with a passion. Fans of the team are likely still questioning the rules that allowed Favre to walk away and just as easily sign with the Vikings.

I am willing to bet that no one misses the drama that inevitably seems to follow the prima donna quarterback, however. 

Congratulations Brett, you left two franchises and both now despise you.

Is a third one on the way?

8. Fans of the National Football League

I mean, who really cares anymore what Favre does or says? Why care if we all know that minutes later he will change his mind?

Someone wrote a very original article about Favre yesterday stating that he had a dilemma over what to eat for dinner. 

The way things are going he may very well be headed for the brat stand.

The name Brett Favre used to arise positive emotion in football fans. It was the belief that he loved the game so much that kept people glued to the television sets.

That was a great sell in the days when he brought tears to the eyes of millions by playing on Monday Night Football against the Oakland Raiders in a game that established his legacy.

In his press conference today Favre said something that rubbed me the wrong way.

"The legacy is what I make of it," he said. 

Brett, I am sorry to bring you bad news but you are so selfish you can't even see past the nostrils of your nose. Maybe tomorrow I can go out there and say that because I view myself as the greatest quarterback in the world I am that guy. Most people will laugh at me, as they should.

Legacy is what your fans will remember you for.

And the way things are going, your legacy will be your crying and complaining on national television, and not the numerous records you have posted.

Is there anyone out there who is not tired of hearing Brett Favre's name?

9. The Media


Congratulations NFL experts, columnists, broadcasters and beat writers. You are likely as happy that this nightmare continues as the soap opera queen himself.

I mean, if it wasn't for Favre you would actually have to talk about the game of football and we all know that's no fun.

You have all season to do that so why not take advantage of bringing that big story that will...oh wait, no one cares about that anymore. Nevermind, my bad.

More and more members of the media are coming forward expressing their negative reaction to what Brett Favre is doing, again. At first it was schtick to say that he has it and that he is doing it all for the game of football. Then it was modern to say that he wanted to win another Super Bowl.

Now, finally, people are seeing through Favre's return as the final step of a dark plan intended to bring grief and negative emotions to Green Bay.

It's about time everyone got on the same page. 

10. Brett Favre

I will go back to the press conference Favre gave today. It was rather interesting. He showed up with a hat from the years when baseball was invented hoping that his image of "one of the people" will be reminded to the viewers.

He also involved his 10-year-old daughter as someone who helped him say the final "Yes." Of course, when you are 40 and you can't make up your own mind you should ask your little kids what to do.

Classy Brett, very classy!

In your desire to look for an excuse to come back and rub it in the Packers' face you have now used every known weapon. Now that is what a true man does.

I doubt you will come remotely close to reading these lines, Brett, but the next few lines are directed to you.

You mistakenly believe that legacy is what you see yourself as. You mistakenly stated that true Packer fans should be okay with you joining the Vikings. You involved your underage daughter into your final decision. You aggravated two organizations and their fans, and now you are on the verge of making it a triple.

You looked so lost trying to explain yourself today that your clumsy answers provided people with laughter more than anything else. One day you will walk off that field for one last time. It will happen, even if some people probably think of that day as something that will never occur. And when that day comes, you will have no one behind you but your closest people.

The green and gold legions will never forgive you with the exception of the few that were your fans before they were Green Bay fans. The Vikings fans will never see you as a hero and adopt a liking for you, even if you somehow manage to bring them wins. And the neutral fans who used to shed a tear when remembering that Monday Night game you played in Oakland will likely remember you more for your retirement debacles than for anything else.

And you know what? You earned it!

Other Considerations

As a Packers fan I start feeling sorry even for Vikings fans. I always focused on the Packers and tried not to spend too much time wondering who hated my team or whether I had any bad feelings for my team's rivals. 

Things are now different after today.

I view the situation with Favre as an epitome of the state of the sport industry as a whole.  

Think twice next time before you take your kid to the stadium to watch the local hero. There is a chance he might just become your own kid's hero, too. And then you are in trouble.

If we trust the reality of sports your kid is bound to one day walk out of that stadium he grew up loving wondering where the love for this particular athlete came from to begin with.

It is true that sports are part of the entertainment industry, and Favre is doing his best to remind us that fact via his real life comedy with an inevitably tragic ending. But sports also exist for the fans, and the fans are simply sick of hearing the name Favre.

Maybe it is time someone reminds Favre that.


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