Which Jersey Will Be More Popular? Micheal Vick or Brett Farve

Christian KeyContributor IAugust 18, 2009

The great debate!

Both players have been the talk of the NFL for several months now that both have settled down on a team I was just thinking of which jersey will be more popular?

First off you have the 20 year old veteran Brett Farve, Loved by some and hated by many. But no doubt he is one of the few quarterbacks in history that you can call "Great" being on the list with John Elways,Joe Namath just to name a few!

Im going to say that this will be the best selling of the two just because of the fact that Farve said "I will never play in the NFL again" and people are now ecstatic over this man returning for his 20th season in the NFL!

But then you have the rushing quarterback Michael Vick. He has been in prison for the past few NFL seasons and people were excited to see him get out and are ready for him to dominate like he did in Atlanta for so long.

Now sitting in a Eagles uniform a long way from his old home in Atlanta...Now with Mcnab more than likely going to be the normal person he is will whine about being hurt and since 2nd string for the Eagles is hurt we will be seeing Vick play sooner than we think!