Official Brett Favre Vikings Jersey Not Yet on Sale (Update: Now They Are)

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Official Brett Favre Vikings Jersey Not Yet on Sale (Update: Now They Are)
(Photo by Scott A. Schneider/Getty Images)

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I begrudgingly write this post because I assume that a lot of a) Brett Favre fans and b) Minnesota Vikings fans are wondering where they can get their Brett Favre Vikings jersey now that Favre is officially a member of team.

And I assume this because my girlfriend and her family are huge Brett Favre fans, all of whom own Favre Jets jerseys, and all of whom I presume will be getting the purple and gold Vikings Favre jersey as well. Plus, if nothing else here at MSF, we try to give you the information that you’re looking for.

(Update: My girlfriend has informed me that her family is already in pursuit of Vikings-Packers tickets. Goodness. For any others will similar interests, here is a link to StubHub where you can get Vikings tickets.)

So if you’re sick of Brett Favre, please feel free to either a) vomit or b) quickly click another page. This won’t concern you.  But if you’re a Favre lover and/or a Vikings lover…

Above and to your left is what it will look like, in all of its strange, ironic glory.

Update: The replica Favre Vikings jerseys are now available at

Sure, Favre in the Jets’ white and green looked a little strange, but the Jets were not a division foe that Favre used to face off against twice a year. Seeing him in a Vikings jersey, especially when the Vikings make their trip to Lambeau Field, is going to be incredibly strange.

Anyway, back to the point of my post. For all of you who are out there scouring the Internet right now to be among the first to order your Favre Vikings jersey, it is not officially out at yet (as of 2:00 PM CT on 8/16).

 Obviously that will soon change, as Michael Vick Eagles jerseys went on sale not too long after his signing was announced. And as we know, the NFL never misses a chance to make a buck…nor should they.

I will update this post with links as I find them.  Currently you can buy Favre Vikings jerseys from a site called (where I took the pictures from, to give credit where it is due), but they are called “replithentic” jerseys.

So if you’re looking for the real thing, you’ll have to wait until the Favre Vikings jerseys are up at But I guess if you can’t wait, that’d be the place to go right now. Here is the link for the Vikings new arrivals, where the Favre jerseys will no doubt soon show up.

Update: And, of course, not ten seconds after I post this but the Favre Vikings jerseys show up on is another site that sells Vikings apparel, so you can check there as well to see if they have Favre Vikings jerseys.

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