With Gregg Out as Closer, What's Next?

Jake KarmelCorrespondent IIAugust 18, 2009

CHICAGO - JULY 08: Kevin Gregg #63 of the Chicago Cubs reacts after throwing a wild pitch in the 9th inning that allowed an Atlanta Braves runner to score on July 8, 2009 at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois. The Braves defeated the Cubs 4-1. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

The Chicago Cubs and Lou Piniella have finally come to their senses. It is likely that Kevin "Blown Save" Gregg is finally not the closer anymore for the north siders.

That is the equivalent to a birthday gift for a Cubs fan. As a Cubs fan, I am so happy that Gregg is finally out. No more blown saves. Yes!

But what's next? Who takes Gregg's place at the closer role?

Many Cubs fans are thinking Carlos Marmol should be thrown into the closer role. I disagree.

Marmol has had a lot of control and pitching problems this season. Marmol isn't the lights out guy he was last season. This season Marmol has four blown saves. His save percentage is 50 percent. That is unacceptable!

Who else can we turn to? Marmol? No. Gregg? No. Marshall? No. Guzman? Maybe.

Guzman is the best choice out of everyone on the Cubs. In 52 innings, Guzman has walked only 15. Less than both Gregg and Marmol. In 52 innings, Guzman has given up only 36 hits.

He has a nasty slider like Marmol and a good fastball. He has the control to be the closer and knows about the poise. We won't know until he enters the closer role.

All three men have closer type stuff. They all have the talent to do it. It is just about executing.

The verdict is that Guzman should be the new closer for the Chicago Cubs.