Celtics Playoffs: Season Rides on Ray Allen's Shoulders

John GrayCorrespondent IMay 17, 2008

Where has Ray Allen gone?  How many more shots will he miss?  If Ray Allen contributed any scoring, the Celtics would have won last night.  What value is Ray Allen providing the Celtics? His lack of production is costing the Celtics badly in the playoffs after a lackluster season and he still has a few years at $20 million per season to play.

Has Delonte West already surpassed him as a better player?  Danny Ainge must not think so, because he gave up promising rookie Jeff Green for Allen.  In fact, Ray Allen's only redeeming value may be that he convinced Kevin Garnett to come to the Celtics

Hope Allen recovers quickly or its going to be a long offseason.  Fingers crossed.  The Celtics need Ray Allen to show up or their run in the playoffs and their fantastic season will come to a screeching halt on Sunday.