Lights, Camera, Auburn Football!

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Lights, Camera, Auburn Football!
(Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

Auburn Football practices just got a bit more interesting.  A reality television documentary will be airing on September 4th, the day before the opener with Louisiana Tech.  The show will be produced by Authentic Films and will air on CSS in the southeast region. It will also be available to view on the Internet.

Auburn fans have to wonder if the show will be a success and if it will distract the players.  This is a great way to give fans a glimpse of how practices are going and also show recruits what practices and other behind the scenes activities are like.

Auburn does have control of what goes on the series. Some people might ask if they will air things that are positive, or if they will show both the positives and negatives of the team.

Overall, some people will like it. Some people won't.  Some people will probably laugh at the idea, but it is a creative way to show fans what the players and coaches go through.

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