Belichick Tough On Player in Training Camp

C.S. MiltonContributor IAugust 18, 2009

When people collectively experience physical challenges (boot camp comes to mind)they bond as a unit and develop a confidence level that will serve them well when that adversity inevitably returns. Players will rise to the challenge both on an individual and team basis. The battle of 2010 is about to begin and I think our Patriots are battle ready.

Belichick knows EXACTLY what he has on his hands.....redemption for 2007. 19-0??? It is a possibility with this team, however anytime that happens it is part talent/coaching, and part luck of the bounce. He understands he has the possibility for making history with this deep roster that (as Mike mentioned in the article) is well rested from not playing in last year's playoffs.

If it happens, no one will ever be able to debate the greatest football history. The football team that owned the first decade of this century. 4 Super Bowl Championships, the 18-1 season, the 19-0 season, the only team in the modern playoff system to ever miss the playoffs with 11 wins (2008), the only team EVER to not win a Super Bowl with 18 wins (2007) - - even when they didn't win a SB, they did it in spectacular record-breaking fashion.

Belichick knows the hand he is holding with Brady in his prime, the five running backs, Moss, Welker, the four Tight Ends, the Burgess pickup, etc.

19-0 after missing the playoffs at 11-5 (with the 2nd string QB), after losing the SB at 18-1, after three other SB wins.

The whole world would know. There would be no debate. Belichick knows he will never have this opportunity with this particular timing ever again. The Globe will still focus on the Red Sox, but the rest of the world knows the truly important story that is taking place.