The Greatest Rivalry in All of Sports: Round Two

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IAugust 18, 2009

NEW YORK - AUGUST 09:  Derek Jeter #2  of the New York Yankees throws to first after forcing out Nick Green #22 of the Boston Red Sox in the third inning on August 9, 2009 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx Borough of New York City.  Robinson Cano #24 of the New York Yankees looks on at right. (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

Hey, sports fans. It's Svyato coming in with round two of the competition.

The voting for round one was kind of weak, so I hope we'll get a better turn out this time. You guys lowered it down from 32 great rivalries to only 16. In this round, the winners from the last round will be matched up from top to bottom. For example, the winner from Bracket One will face the winner from bracket 16.

Get what I'm saying? Now let's begin.

Bracket One

1) Calgary Flames/Edmonton Oilers (Hockey)

The battle of Alberta is a timeless classic. Every meeting between these two great hockey teams is always a treat for Hockey fans and any sports fans out there. This rivalry knocked off the Chris Jericho/HBK rivalry from Pro Wrestling.


2) Arsenal/Manchester United (Soccer)

For bracket 16, everyone got to write one in. No one rivalry got more than one vote, so I just picked the rivalry I thought was the best out of the write-in ones.

Bracket Two

1) New York Yankees/Boston Red Sox (Baseball)

This is without a doubt one of the favourites in the competition. Every time these teams meet, there's always some kind of heat on the field or after the game. Basically, it is an amazing rivalry that should go very far in the competition. NY Yankees/Boston Red Sox knocked off Rafael Nadal/Roger Federer in round one.


2) Detroit Red Wings/Colorado Avalanche (Hockey)

Without a doubt, this a stellar rivalry, but that doesn't mean it won in round one. In fact it, tied with Bret Hart/HBK, so this will be a three rivalry battle.


3) Bret Hart/HBK (Pro Wrestling)

The only Pro wrestling rivalry to make it to round two. As I said before, this rivalry tied with Detroit Red Wings/Colorado Avalanche. That's showing that Pro Wrestling can be great.

Bracket Three

1) Toronto Maple Leafs/Montreal Canadiens (Hockey)

This is arguably the greatest hockey rivalry EVER. This is another of those rivalries I expect to go far, as it was heated in the past and is still heated today. I especially love how Grabovski acts, with his middle finger to the Montreal crowd. Habs/Leafs knocked off Liverpool/Chelsea in round one.


2) Inter Milan/AC Milan (Soccer)

This rivalry literally splits up the town in two halves.  Personally, I choose AC, but this is one of the better rivalries here, and I think it has potential, but first it has to knock off the greatest hockey rivalry in history. Inter/AC knocked off LA Dodgers/NY Yankees in round one.

Bracket Four

1) Real Madrid/FC Barcelona (Soccer)

One of the best soccer rivalries to date. Madrid/Barcelona is a clash of the Spanish giants, and it can now be known as Kaka and Ronaldo vs Messi. Sounds good, doesn't it? Madrid/Barca knocked off White Sox/Cubs in round one.


2) Washington Redskins/Dallas Cowboys (Football)

Epic football rivalry, not much more to be said. Skins/Cowboys knocked off Bulls/Pistons in round one.

Bracket Five

1) Chicago Cubs/St. Louis Cardinals (Baseball)

No description can be provided, sorry. Cubs/Cards knocked off Triple H/Shawn Michaels in round one. 


2) Chicago Bears/Green Bay Packers (Football)

Heated football rivalry. One of the best, in my opinion. Bears/Packers knocked off Samoa Joe/Kurt Angle in round one.

Bracket Six

1) LA Lakers/Boston Celtics (Basketball)

Without a doubt, the greatest basketball rivalry you can find! I really loved the old days, when you had Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. Now, you have someone who is just as good in Kobe and recently, great players like Kevin Garnett. LA/Boston knocked off Packers/Vikings in round one.


2) Canada/Russia (Hockey)

An amazing international clash. These two teams are without a doubt the best when it comes to international play. Canada and Russia have met in the finals of the IIHF tournament a number of times, and the '72 series was amazing. Canada/Russia knocked off Germany/Italy in round one.

Bracket Seven

1) Denver Broncos/Oakland Raiders (Football)

No description available. Broncos/Raiders knocked off Suns/Lakers in round one.


2) NY Giants/ Philadelphia Eagles (Football)

No description available. Eagles/Giants knocked off Celtics/76ers.

Bracket Eight

1) Calgary Flames/Vancouver Canucks (Hockey)

This rivalry has nothing but hatred in it; these two teams despise each other. Every time they meet, there are plenty of fights. This is also a clash of the titans in net, with Miikka Kiprusoff vs. Roberto Luongo. Talk about great goalies. This rivalry is still alive today...and how. 


2) Houston Rockets/San Antonio Spurs (Basketball)

In round one, Rockets/Spurs had a draw with Flames/Canucks, so both rivalries have moved on into this triple threat bracket.


3) Sampras/Agassi (Tennis)

This is the only tennis rivalry to advance to round two, but its victory was well deserved, despite the fact that I thought Habs/Bruins should move on. I mean, come on, the fans were fighting, but it doesn't matter what I think, it's what you said and Sampras/Agassi moves on.

Closing Notes

Have fun voting, and please, no bias.