The A's Should Leave Oakland!

A CContributor IAugust 17, 2009

Oakland A's owner Lew Wolff recently said that the the team "will leave Oakland regardless of whether Fremont approves plans" for a new ballpark.  As we all know, the Fremont ballpark plan never quite materialized.  This leaves quite a murky future for the A's.

Many people believe that the A's should remain in the Bay Area, however Oakland should not be an option.  Oakland does not have the land or infrastructure to build a proper ballpark.  Outside of Jack London Square, Oakland does not have a vibrant commercial center to support an upscale ballpark needed to compete with the Giants and AT&T Park.  The idea of building a "new Coliseum" next to the old one is absolutely ridiculous.  As many fans know that area is as close to a ghetto as it comes!

The A's need to do what is takes to continue the tradition of two baseball teams in the Bay Area, as long as it is not done in Oakland.