Future Of The Knicks

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Future Of The Knicks
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After a week of personal break, it's time to get things going again. Early this month I break down some teams who I think they will go deep in playoff in coming NBA season. I will keep posting my prediction during this month in my profile. I will discuss more once I finish the whole list or if some major trade happens, but the prediction that I already posted will not change regardless any trade involve with those playoff teams.

There are rumors about Ricky Rubio will trade to NY once they revolve the buyout. I would love to see him play in NY this season, but who do the Knicks can offer to the Twolves? A future 1st R? Come on... they already trade their 2010 1st R to the Jazz already, but I still think they will take a chance. If RR can be a 15 pts + 8 assists guys in this season and run the Knicks like Steve Nash did in the Suns, he will well worth a 1st R. How much it helps to get King James in next summer? No one knows til next summer, but if the King see RR run the up-tempe and make the playoff, I have to think the Knicks will be much better place than last season to get King James.

The Knicks has yet to sign a free agent this offseason. It will not be a bad idea to get RR to prepare for the King next summer. Who will join the King remains unknown, but it seems like Amare Stoudemire will be the one that's likely to join because A. The Suns are getting weaker in last 5 years and B. He knows and likes the up-tempo system by Mike D'Antoni. D-wade still remain a shot but looks like he like to stay in Miami or go back to his hometown Chicago. If the Heat didn't make the playoff this season, I can't see D-wade will stay in Miami at all next season regardless he will go to NY or not. Chris Bosh like to stay in the Raptors even more after the team get Hedo from the Magic. His hometown, Dallas, will love to get him via trade next summer. Bottomline: all three players are likely to make the decision base on the team make the playoff or not.

I will update the summer of 2010 free agent market weekly until next summer. I also will preview the future of the Yankees lately this week and stay what they need to do in this offseason. Stay tuned. 

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