Dumb Talent Or Student Athletes?

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Dumb Talent Or Student Athletes?
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Today I would like to discus a little bit about college student athletes. You all know I'm a Notre Dame Fan, and today I'm going to tell you why.

Notre Dame a school founded on Education, Faith, Commitment, Religion, and Pride. You might be the best high school football player in the nation but if you do not have at least 3.5 GPA, say good bye to Notre Dame.

Today's so called "Student Athletes" cant even spell there name. At USC, Florida State, and all these other schools, I can Almost guarantee that most of their football players could not get a high enough SAT score that "should" meet college requirements.

Maybe that's why Notre Dame is not winning as much as they should have. Because these days, most football players don't want education; they don't want to have to go to class or take tests.

All they think about is NFL and money, and that's sad. To all the players who do want the education and try really hard to study, I give it up to you and thank you.

There is still hope out there, and I do believe that there are some great athletes who believe in tradition, education, and a honest program.

I can only hope they pick the right schools to go to. Notre Dame is starting to get those players now. So to all those Notre Dame haters look out cause HERE COME THE IRISH!

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