Boston Red Sox Fans: True Fans?

Johnny BransfordContributor IAugust 17, 2009

Hey Boston fans , how's that $122,435,399 salary working out? Clearly not too well... After signing Adam Laroche then dumping him for Casey Kotchman it clearly shows that money can buy anything. Not only did the Red Sox acquire Kotchman they also got Victor Martinez. What's that all about? Money, and politics.

Now I'm not trying to knock Red Sox fans, but seriously what the hell are Red Sox fans doing all over the United States. Sure, there are some real fans out there, like the ones who stuck through the playoffs, but every single year the Sox make the playoffs and it drags more attention to Boston... why do fans need to follow a team that does well every year? 

A true fan follows their team through the thick and thin. It's hard to believe that people hop on a band wagon so quickly. After the Red Sox won the World Series it seems that Sox fans are everywhere. Now, we can't even determine who really is a true fan. 

We'll see how the fans react after the Red Sox don't make the playoffs this year. Will you still follow them as much as you did since they won the World Series? You tell me. 

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