Have You Heard About Jodie Meeks? The Raptors Will Soon

micheal malcolmCorrespondent IAugust 17, 2009

LEXINGTON, KY - FEBRUARY 28:  Jodie Meeks #23 of the Kentucky Wildcats drives to the basket against Garrett Temple #14 of the LSU Tigers during the SEC game at Rupp Arena on February 28, 2009 in Lexington, Kentucky.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

The first time I saw Jodie Meeks was on TV last year ironically enough internet streaming allowed me to see one of the deadliest shooting displays, West of Stephen Curry. Jodie lit up the Tennessee State team (I know not the greatest team) for 46 points on 14-21 shooting, which of course is outstanding in the run and gun game of college ball.


After that performance I made it a point to watch out for Meeks, as the whole world found out about Stephen Curry, and really Meeks was always tweaking or pulling something. Jodie Meeks screams ‘athlete’ at 6 feet 4 inches and an impressive 212 pounds. However I never quite understood why he didn’t dominate in games as much as he could. Was it the system? Was he playing through some sort of undisclosed pain? I wasn’t sure. What I saw out of Meeks this year however was a polished young scoring point guard, with a strong ability to get to the rim, and shoot consistently from long range.


Meeks set the world on fire averaging 23 points per game, with a slew of dominating high scoring performances, leading the Wildcats deep into the NCAA tournament. Meeks scoring ability lead to his drafting by the Milwaukee Bucks as the 41st pick in the NBA draft.


The reason I wanted to share Jodie Meeks with everyone is that, as it has already been reported the Raptors are near acquiring Amir Johnson from the Milwaukee Bucks for Carlos (Five Million Dollars) Delfino, and Roko Ukic. Apparently this is a two-for two deal and who better to be the other player than Jodie Meeks? The Raptors will be giving up two guards and would at least need to get one back.


When looking at Milwaukee’s roster there aren’t that many realistic options for that second player other than Sonny Weems (plays SG) or Walter Sharpe (plays PF). I would have stated Luc Richard Mbah a Moute but he’s too valuable to give up for Delfino. So that leaves Meeks who has Division I experience and ability, Weems appears to be a streaky shooter with an ability to get to the basket, or Walter Sharpe who was an undrafted free agent who was kicked off his team for a violation of team rules.


So here are some numbers to consider (summer league numbers but numbers nonetheless)


Game 1- against Dallas

Off the bench- 27 min 14 points 6-9 FG 1-1 from 3 1-2 FT 2 rebounds and 1 steal


Game 2- against Cavs

Started- 32 min 7-14 FG 2-2 FT 16 points 2 rebounds 2 assists 1 turnover and 1 steal


Game 3- against Kings

Started- 31 min 8-12 shooting 2-3 3PT 2-2 FT 20 points 3 rebounds 2 turnovers and 1 steal


Game 4- against Bulls

Started- 36 min 6-12 FG 1-2 3PT 3-4 FT 16 points 2 assists and 3 turnovers


Game 5 - against Raptors

Started -35 min 12-23 FG 4-83PT 1-1FT 29 points 4 rebounds 1 turnover and 1 steal


How can Byron Colangelo NOT want Jodie Meeks? I’m not questioning his thought process, or his reasoning but Jodie Meeks has the ability to be a Ben Gordon-type of player. One who creates offense instantly off the bench and would bring additional firepower to the second unit. While I don’t believe that Amir Johnson fills a need, he is another expiring contract (3.9 Million) for Colangelo to play around with next off-season.


At this root this trade is about continued depth and additional financial flexibility. However this article is to highlight the fact that the mystery player shouldn’t be a mystery Jodie Meeks is the answer…or at least not a question as to which player the Raptors should additionally acquire.



*Please note at the this present time I understand that Sonny Weems has been the player acquired but really don’t you think Jodie would have been the better choice?