New York Mets: Dazed and Confused, But Keep On Trucking

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New York Mets: Dazed and Confused, But Keep On Trucking
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2009 hasn't been the kindest to the New York Mets.  Their four core players have all been injured in some way, shape, or form.  First it was Carlos Delgado, then Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, and then David Wright.

It seems unreal, you have to be sorry for this team.  Many picked the Mets to win the World Series in 2009 and those chances are diminishing with each and every day.

The New York Mets started the season with high expectations.  They had a new revamped bullpen and were more than ready to make a run for the gold.

Before the team and fans knew it, the Mets were striving for .500.  And they couldn't even accomplish that.  The whole team were growing their .500 beards and it came time to shave them off when the team was tripping on them while running the basepaths.

The team decided to just go out there and play.  They did that and they produced as expected.  Not good, I don't believe any team can do good with three-fourths of their core injured.

Oh does four-fourths sound?  David Wright was pegged in the head by Giants' pitcher Matt Cain and is now suffering from post-concussion symptoms.  The whole team core is on the DL, along with many other valuable players.

It all seems like a bad dream to Mets fans and the team, but it's not.  It's reality and we have to learn to live with that.  The team is playing solid baseball, but that won't be enough to make it to the playoffs. 

No matter what happens to this team, they will keep on trucking and they proved something that was questioned.  The New York Mets do have heart.

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