Steeler Nation: Lets Send Andy Russell To The Hall Of Fame

Bob MarleyCorrespondent IAugust 17, 2009

The Steelers of the 1970's practically own the Hall of Fame.  We already have Ham, Lambert, Greene, Blount, Bradshaw, Harris, Swann, Stallworth, Webster, Noll.  One of a few names that is missing from that list is Andy Russell, who played along side Jack Ham and Jack Lambert.

Russell was voted team MVP during the 1971 season while also making it to seven pro bowls.  He was a one time first team all-pro and a one time second team all-pro.  During his career, he intercepted 18 passes for  238 yards and one touchdown. He also recovered 10 fumbles. Unfortunately, the NFL did not keep track of stats during Andy Russell's career.

Russell played on the greatest defense of all-time with some of the greatest defenders of all-time.  That is probably the reason as to why Russell has yet to be elected into the Hall of Fame.  Russell does not have four Super Bowl rings, but he has more than many other players with two.

One reason Andy Russell may not be in the Hall of Fame is due to sacks not being recorded.  As pointed out in Russell's book A Steeler Odyssey, he had many double digit sack seasons during his early years.

Steeler Nation, we need to come together and show the voters for the Hall of Fame that they may have overlooked a deserving player.  Just for fun, lets do a compairison.

Ray Nitschke-

25 INTs for 388 yards

Two touchdowns

23 fumble recoveries

190 games  (Russell played in 168 games)