Madden 10: Almost There But Not Yet

Henry LaborantiContributor IAugust 17, 2009

The nation's favorite NFL sports game has finally hit the market, Madden NFL 10 has arrived. It has been well hyped with its apparently new look and style. It attempted to be the greatest football game to ever be produced. Close, but no cigar.

Madden NFL 10 has made a huge step forward comparing it to previous years. However, there are mistakes and missing pieces all throughout the game. For one the announcers make the game sound like Madden on Super Nintendo.

The infamous TOM BRADY....... is just so accurate.

We all remember older games when the game would just stick in names and sayings even when it didn't sound right. Yep, Madden does that.

Its new look has made some interesting advancements as well. Referees are finally back on the field and they make up close calls which is fun and exciting. Trainers do come out when a player is injured now, and the flag crew comes out to measure for first downs.

Aside from all the new neat features, there really is nothing groundbreaking. The Madden moments were nice last year as it was something new, as was the virtual trainer and Madden test, but nothing is added to the game.

The crowd still jumps up and down in excitement even when the away team scores. Passing the ball seems to be the biggest complaint from fans, and running has become extremely too easy.

What about the post game show? Here everyone seems to be getting only ONE highlight and an incomplete sentence. 

Madden NFL 10 is making progress for Next Gen games, but NFL 2K5 STILL reigns over Madden as the most advanced football game. Next year, expect Madden to be the same, but until then at least try and enjoy it.