RECALL - Week IV in Review (PART I)

The Honorable JJ Reynolds, IICorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2007

-Virginia Tech’s offense is still miserable; do not be fooled by a 44 – 3 win over William & Mary at home. Take a look at the stats Virginia Tech accumulated over the game – not even 290 yards of offense. That is depressing at home against a Division I-AA team; I don’t care if you’re up big or not. Come ACC play, expect the Hokies to lose often unless they improve drastically on offense. They also racked up quite a bit in the penalty department – they drew 11 flags for 95 yards, maybe it’s time for discipline lessons in Blacksburg?

-Louisville’s loss to Syracuse at home should be considered an 2nd tier Appalachian State over Michigan sized upset. Has anyone seen JUST HOW BAD Syracuse has been this year? They were owned at home by Washington and Illinois – and shutout 35-0 at Iowa (not exactly an Ohio State of the Big10…). Not only did they beat Louisville after Brohm shredded their offense for more than 550 yards, OUCH – they beat them at home, snapping the 2nd longest home win streak in Bowl Subdivision play. Major ouch. I feel sorry for Brohm, who’s Heisman year has pretty much been dented by a defense who couldn’t stop a squad of middle schoolers. They could lose heavily in the Big East, especially considering I thought Syracuse was the absolute worst team in the conference. They should be wary this week at N. C. State. I know the Wolfpack’s QBs are the closest thing to a full-blown turnover machine you can get, but when I consider what I thought about Syracuse…

-Florida has finally shown it is in fact a young, vulnerable team – escaping on the road against a rather pitiful Mississippi team. Tebow (and Harvin) both performed well again, but the rest of the team seemed disharmonious at times. A lot of praise has been bestowed upon the Gators – but truth be hold they had yet to face a hostile SEC road crowd (and Ole Miss is the tip of the iceberg….), and if the team as a whole plays like it did Saturday, it could suffer in its major road games this year. And, did you note how many times they where penalized? In which I came to realize, they have seemingly been penalized a lot in all their games this year. So I did my research, and behold – Florida is ranked #2 in number of penalties (42) and #3 in number of yards lost to penalties (348). If you didn’t notice – it was a lot of those penalties that allowed Ole Miss to stay in the game and nearly pull off the upset. Something you cannot be while in the SEC is undisciplined and penalty prone – one of the few hidden weaknesses of this Florida team. But, I suppose none of that matters when you have Tebow…

-West Virginia’s pounding of East Carolina proved nothing... that I didn't already know. We all know they have an explosive offense. Truth be told, they have four wins over so-so teams and I’m yet to be impressed. Though, I will give the defense credit, they posted some of the best defensive stats I’ve seen yet out of this particular team. Moreover, I bring this up because I think the ‘Neers game at South Florida this weekend will be a good one – and will serve as the ‘Neers first real “test” to see if they are in fact title contenders. Beat South Florida in such a fashion, and WVU THEN has merit to be within my top three teams. 

-My question to former BC but now at N.C. State Coach Tom O’Brien is this – why in the (insert expletives) did you leave Boston College for the mess you have now? Boston College is soaring, and N.C. State continues to be – well, dismal. Is it REALLY worth the money sometimes? Because that is the ONLY thing he could be getting out of N.C. State that he didn’t get/ have at Boston College. Well, that and what’s shaping up to be a season of headaches and a losing record.  

-Georgia Tech lost at UVA? The same UVA who was pretty much OWNED at Wyoming? Ehhh… not much else to say to that one.

-I know Duke lost today (nothing new to them in football) – but they have at least been competitive this year. They had a semi-close game with UVA, bested Northwestern at home, put up 36 in one-half against Navy only to cool off and lose on a late game TD, 43-46. If you’re a Blue Devil, that’s something to be proud of. That and, their QB almost threw for 430 yards. How many QBs can you name in the ACC who put up those kinds of yards? Here’s a hint – you can nearly double the count on ONE hand. 

-I'd like to know why are the famed Nebraska Huskers, surviving by the grace of the football god to a Ball State team at home 41-40, pretty much at the last second ONLY because Ball State dropped a disgustingly perfect TD pass and then missed a FG that would have been the game winner. The Husker’s defense was absolutely mangled for a second straight week, this time for SIX HUNDRED AND TEN YARDS, HOLY OUCH. (USC gained 457 in last week’s thrashing, in case you wondered). Callahan had better learn his Husker’s how to tackle soon, or they could be in for a long rough season in Big 12 play. In addition, I believe Nebraska’s performances the last two weeks have made the Big12 North Missouri’s to win or lose. I'm beginning to think the program could be in a decline (...), and there is really only one person to blame for such (maybe two - some disagree with Solich being fired in the first place...). 

-Penn State loses to Michigan – again. There was no better time than now for Penn State to snap its losing streak to the Wolverines than this year, and Penn State blew it with dismal play in a rather sloppy game at The Big House. A red zone fumble – and three red zone trips resulting in field goals instead of touchdowns doomed Penn State to a loss – and effectively let the Big10 know Michigan is still in the hunt.  

-Tennessee continues to be less than stellar in the defensive apartment – allowing 27 points at home to Arkansas State is dismal to me. Get it together Fulmer, geez.

-I know South Carolina lost at LSU, but I think it proved Spurrier is a great coach, and Mitchell is an alright but not good for the SEC quarterback (note, a new starter was named for next week). The fact that Spurrier kept the game that close with the disparity in talent between these two teams (something NO ONE can argue) – at a raucous Death Valley (probably the result of a collective hate towards Spurrier, who boasted a rather significant record against LSU coming into this game). I expect in the two or so years, once Spurrier has amassed a full roster of his chosen talent, a new power will have risen in South Carolina.

-I just don’t think Mr. Dave can get it done at Pittsburgh. It’s not the fact that he lost at home to UConn, it’s the fact he was steamrolled at home by UConn. The fans obviously aren’t pleased with his results (see the a-little-more-than-quarter-filled stadium, even lesser after the blowout began). And to think they came in favored by a little more than a touchdown…