Remembering How Barry Sanders Did It 'His Way' Ten Years Ago

Chuck HanfContributor IAugust 17, 2009

The man is just cooler than cool to me---Barry Sanders. He is the best running back that I personally have ever watched play the game. Why do I find him to be cooler than cool, you say? Well, because every time I see the guy or read a story on Sanders and remember what he did, I think of the song 'My Way' by Frankie Sinatra. Barry surely did it 'his way'---and to me that is the epitome of cool.

In these current times when so many guys like Brett Favre struggle to say goodbye to the game as well as the limelight of professional sports at advanced ages, remembering what Sanders did 10 years ago is nothing short of mind-blowing as far as I'm concerned. (please check out the rest on my Two Cents From Beantown site @ )