Vick; Collusion In The NFL? I Think So!

J HartmanCorrespondent IAugust 17, 2009

Was Jesse Jackson right?  Was there collusion involving Vick?  Although Jesse Jackson is a world class buffoon, I say yes there was collusion!  Ever see the NFL appoint a mentor (Tony Dungee) to another player fresh out of prison?


The entire issue around Vick worries me!

Vick received more attention and media coverage, prior to prison, than Brady, Manning, Rivers, and Roethlisberger combined, and he was never in their class!

People say he did his time......did he really?  How long do you suppose the average Joe would have been in prison for interstate trafficking, interstate gambling, funding and running a dog fighting business, killing and mutilating animals, etc.?

People say he must be allowed to play in the NFL because "you can't deny the guy a chance to make a living"......really?  No-one said he couldn't keep his construction job which was set up for him!  What is his college degree in?....let him go use it to make a living!

A few short weeks out of prison he is appointed a "mentor",by Roger Goodell, in the form of Tony Dungee. 

There is simply no reason to have him on an NFL team at this time!  Here's a few reasons:

1. He has not shown that he has learned from his mistakes, only time will demonstrate that.

2. Whatever possible value he could bring with his athletic skill will be dwarfed by the turmoil he brings.

3. The Eagles could perform on and unheard of level, good or bad, and the story will be "what is Vick doing today?"

I would like to hear from Eagle fans as the season goes on.  We know the media won't cover the ugly side of the Vick saga so we need to hear it straight from the horses mouths.

1.There will be unprecedented booing at Eagle home games which the media will minimize

2.The media will say that the incessant booing is a shame and bad for the NFL.

3. There will be fights in the parking lot of every Eagles home game as a result of this.


Eagles fans.....let's hear the reality as the season goes on!