How The Bills Should Use Parrish

Kevin LatackiContributor IAugust 16, 2009

This off-season Roscoe Parrish was heard saying that he was unhappy with his role in the offense.  Then reports came out that the Bills were trying to trade Parrish before the draft.  With the way the Bills use Parrish I would be unhappy too.

The Bills tried to use him as an all around complete WR.  Acting as if he had the height and the power to beat defenders.  While again (similar to what they did with Losman) the Bills try to strengthen his weakness instead of working with his strengths.

Here is how the Bills should use Parrish within the offense.  Similar to Wes Welker, the Bills should use him primarily as a slot receiver.  He has the speed and the hands to make the catches in traffic and beat defenders in play-action or on slant routes.  Everytime Roscoe Parrish has the ball he will make a move to beat the defenders.  So the obvious question is, why not use that in the slot position.

Another way they should use Parrish is in the Wildcat formation.  Why the Wildcat you ask?  The answer is the fact that he was a high school quarterback.  He has the quickness and the skills(as shown with his punt returns) to make people miss.  Now in the wildcat formation the player needs to know how to throw, and also have the running back mentality.

Parrish in the wildcat would add another component to our offense, and also show that he has the skills to be a great player in the league.  And with him used as a slot receiver and similar roles to Wes Welker, I think that he could show what he can really do in the WR position.