Yu Darvish: Dice K? Or Dice Nay?

Bennett KaplanCorrespondent IMay 16, 2008

What is 50 million dollars?

To the Boston Red Sox, this is the amount that they payed Dice-K Matsuzaka just to talk to him. Then they dished out another 50 million dollars to sign him. 

Now, what happens when you take the best pitcher in a league? Nothing really. The teams in Japan continue to play baseball as they used to, but obviously there has to be a new best pitcher... right? Well this new stars name is Yu Darvish, and he is the ace for the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters.  He has a 32-15 career record while posting a wicked 2.53 ERA. In 2007, he went 15-5, with 12 (yes 12) complete games and 3 shutouts while posting a 1.82 ERA.

It may be surprising to some that this kid is only in his 3rd year, and is a youngster at 21 years of age! He throws a 90 plus fastball, changeup, curve, and a nasty breaking Knuckle curve. If you have ever seen this guy pitch, then know that he's the best pitcher in the world. He has an amazing break to his curve that could easily fool any major league hitter.

Besides being pitchers, he and Dice-K have almost nothing in common. Darvish is Iranian- Japanese. He was not born in Japan and both his parents are not of Japanese descent.

Could This young phenom be the next Dice K? 

I think his plane ride to Yankee Stadium could not be long away.