Can We Please Stop Talking about SpyGate already?

TJ ZwarychSenior Writer IMay 16, 2008

I would like to take just a little bit of time to say, can we please stop talking about this? I mean who really cares? Every team does it; this isn't a new thing. I am sure 90 percent of teams have been doing it for years. It is a lot like this O.J. Mayo deal, everyone is making a HUGE deal about it, but all of the stars are getting just as much money and perks as he is!

I mean OK, so Bill and the Patriots were caught filming other teams' signals, and they have now been punished. Gooddell has already made it clear that he is not going to punish them anymore. So can we please stop letting this linger on and just forget about it? A kid cheats on a test, he gets grounded, a week later everything is ok, can we please use that method here? It is getting tiresome. It's all over the news and we would all rather listen to more interesting things.

So can we all please just LET IT GO?