Adrian Peterson: Can He Go The Distance?

Carter JohnsonContributor IMay 16, 2008

It just came to my attention that Adrian Peterson has told the press that he plans to run for 2,000 yards in the 2008 season.

Goals are terrific things. They can help you stay dedicated and keep you in the game. I think he has potential but I just don't he can do it.

These are my reasons:

-Peterson is injury prone. He hasn't completed a full a full season since his freshman year in college because he is very physical and loves to run people over.

-The Vikings have a good running game but you need both to keep the defense honest. With no surefire quarterback, it will be tough to confuse the defense. Other teams will stack the box just to stop him.

-In order for Peterson to be successful, he needs a partner in crime. Chester Taylor needs to have another good year so that when Peterson goes out of the game the Vikings won't stall.

Of course I have no idea what will actually happen and I can't judge. I would probably get hurt if I did what he does every game.

Adrian is an incredible athlete and has great potential. I think he can and will break 2,000 yards at least one time in his career, just maybe not this year.