Obama to Appoint College Football Czar: Southern Man Up to Task

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Obama to Appoint College Football Czar: Southern Man Up to Task

August 16, 2009—From the Bleacher Report:

According to Wendell Goler at Foxnews.com President Barack Obama (The Commander and Sports Fan-in-Chief) has appointed over three dozen ‘Czars’ to manage virtually every aspect of American Life from closing the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center, overseeing Health Care to doling out rebates in the Cash for Clunkers program.

Yes, we have the Health Czar, the Pay Czar, the Car Czar, and some pundits say Rhambo (Rahm Emanuel) is the Czar Czar-consolidating power of the federal government in a way never before seen under the US Constitution.

Many of those same pundits in Washington, DC have complained and charged that this affinity for the Czar(s) is further evidence that Mr. Obama favors, shall we say, a more autocratic style of government.

I’ll let you be the judge of that but I see an opportunity for your humble correspondent to fix some serious problems facing the World of College Football.

I hereby nominate myself to be nominated by you to have President Obama nominate me to be appointed by way of nomination as the College Football Czar.

Once I’m appointed as Czar of College Football (Pigskin Czar for short) a couple things are going to change, not just for the sake of hope and change but to make College Football (during the regular AND post season) the greatest game, sport and entertainment choice on the planet!

In a series of articles, starting with this one, I will tackle the issues and provide solutions to the serious problems facing the sport! Make sure to lend your support by voting in the poll(s) and hit that little “like” button below if you think me worthy.

Please note: This article/series is not an expression of any political position. The use of politicians, their policies, views or campaign slogans is purely satirical!

Contributed by Henry Ball (a.k.a. Southern Man, a.k.a. Pigskin Czar)—Independent Writer and Bleacher Report Scribe.

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