Atlanta Falcons Season Schedule Preview

ryan deeringContributor IAugust 16, 2009

DETROIT, MI - AUGUST 15: Quarterback Matt Ryan #2 of the Atlanta Falcons drops back to pass the football against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on August 15, 2009 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)


The Atlanta Falcons season schedule preview. Problems that could stop the Falcons from winning.

1 - Sun, Sep 13 - Miami – Let’s see, what could go wrong In this match up? I see almost nothing that could hurt the falcons in this other then one thing. If the falcons let Jason Taylor past them there will be some problems for Matt Ryan. Prediction-Win

2 - Sun, Sep 20 – Carolina – In this match-up the big threat that I see is the Panthers running game. If DeAngelo Williams or Jonathan Stewart gets past the offensive line there could be trouble. Prediction- Win

3 - Sun, Sep 27 - at New England – The problem is obvious, Tom Brady. His long bombs will tear the falcons new secondary apart. Prediction- Loss

4 - BYE

5 - Sun, Oct 11 - at San Francisco – For this game the problem isn’t so much of a problem as it is a potential for a problem. Frank Gore is good but has been around for a while and well have to see what happens with him this year. Prediction- Win

6 - Sun, Oct 18 - Chicago – Again, not a huge problem, but well have to see how Jay Cutler and his receiving core is. Prediction-Win

7 - Sun, Oct 25 - at Dallas – Still, no huge problems unless injuries plague the falcons or Jason Witten gets open and gets a good pass from Tony Romo (not likely). Prediction- Win

8 - Mon, Nov 2 - at New Orleans – I’ll admit, the Saints are a good team, but they don’t have any standout players other then Drew Brees. With the Falcons new secondary there could be some big plays for the Saints. Prediction- Win

9 - Sun, Nov 8 - Washington – Albert Haynesworth, the only stud on the Redskins. Like the Jason Taylor problem, it could be problematic, but can be stopped. Prediction- Win

10 - Sun, Nov 15 - at Carolina – I see the same problems from earlier this year, but with injuries and other mid-season problems that can happen there could be a different outcome. Prediction- Loss

11 - Sun, Nov 22 - at NY Giants - Again, I am pointing out the apperent weakness of the Atlanta Falcons secondary. Eli is a good quarterback, but let's keep in mind that he doesn't have his favorite target on the field any more. Eli had a much better passer rating with Burress on the filed compared to when he was off the field. Prediction- Loss

12 - Sun, Nov 29 - Tampa Bay - Here are the facts, Tampa sucks. We all know that. The Bucs are starting from scratch this year, a new quarterback and other rookie players starting this year. Prediction-Win

13 - Sun, Dec 6 - Philadelphia - The Eagles, where do i start. I suppose that the falcons won't have many problems with the Eagles if the ingury prone quarterback gets hurt. But now they have Michael Vick in their line-up, i don't even know where he will fit in with the eagles. Prediction-Win

14 - Sun, Dec 13 - New Orleans - Same problems as week 8 against the Saints. Prediction-Win

15 - Sun, Dec 20 - at NY Jets - Another team that is in a rebuilding year. I don't see a whole lot of problems. In fact, I don't see any. Prediction-Win

16 - Sun, Dec 27 - Buffalo - The only threat that i can see is T.O. He is a good and dangeous player and if the ball is in his hands then he can make guys miss for six. Still, that's all that i see no real defensive threats, that's it. Prediction-Win

17 - Sun, Jan 3 - at Tampa Bay - Same problems as week 12 against Tampa Bay. Prediction-Win

Well that's all folks! An end record of 13-3.