The Five NFL Franchises I Am Beyond Grateful Not To Be a Fan of

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The Five NFL Franchises I Am Beyond Grateful Not To Be a Fan of

Even if you support a perennial powerhouse, any fan of any team knows suffering through a loosing season now and then is to be expected and endured.

The sad fact is, in our lives, most of us will have our favorite teams give us more duress than elation (or at least most of us will dwell on the bad rather than focus on the good).

But an even sadder fact for some fans is that for various reasons, they will spend their entire lives cheerfully pulling for teams who reach staggeringly new heights of ineptitude on a yearly basis.

Now with an uncapped sport like baseball, one could maybe understand why some teams (the Yankees) are always good, and others (the Pirates) are always bad.

But for this to happen in the NFL, where the playing field is leveled in terms of spending, how is it there are so many teams that struggle in startling fashion every season?

How can these teams' management be so awful that they spend year after year (or in some cases even decade after decade) treating their loyal fans with teams that almost instantly deteriorate into an unwatchable train wreck.

Enclosed are five NFL franchises so bad, I've actually attempted to develop a belief in God so I could drop to my knees to thank him I am not cursed to support any of these teams.

Rest assured this is not meant to be a cheap shot at the people within these fan bases, but rather a praiseworthy peace congratulating you for the fortitude you've showcased to stick it out with these turkeys.

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