Mike Komisarek: The NHL's Roughest and Toughest Defenceman

Bradley KarpCorrespondent IMay 16, 2008

Mike Komisarek, the Montreal Canadiens 6-foot-4, 240 pound defenceman has become the NHL's roughest and toughest player.

He played 75 games this year, putting an end to his iron man streak of 196 games. In what was a breakout season for Komi, he was able to lead the NHL in blocked shots, with 227 and finished second in the league, with 266 hits.

Leading the Canadiens with a 9 Plus/minus rating this year. Pretty good for the man who was consistently paired up with Andrei Markov against, the league's best players. Mike was on the Habs #1 PK and played in all of the tight defensive situations. He consitently crushed his opponents into the end boards, delivering hit after hit, not only did he dish them out, but he was able to take them as well.

"Rock em sock em robot" hockey is not all the Mike did this year. He became an leader in the room as well, proudly sporting the "A" for the 2nd year in a row, Komisarek developed into the poised leader on the blue line that the habs will need in the future. I hope the other player's have their chin straps on because the only game Mike Komisarek plays is tough hockey.