Another Mike Vick Article: Why I Hate Mike Vick The Qb Not The Person.

Pat EganCorrespondent IAugust 14, 2009

21 Apr 2001:  Michael Vick poses after he was selected first in the NFL Draft by the Atlanta Falcons at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Mandatory Credit: Ezra Shaw/ALLSPORT

Let me say that I’m white. I’ve been white ever since I was born. Both my parents are white. All of my favorite players, in all 4 major sports, are black. I have a DeAngello Williams, Lito Sheppard, Nigel Dawes, and a Terrell Owens jersey. I have a Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins shirt. I don’t hate Mike Vick because he’s black.

Shocking that in this day and age I would be accused of being a racist for my views but I have been. Yes according to some, because I don’t like Mike Vick, I am a racist. OK so let me get that clear. I don’t hate Vick because I’m White. It’s a cowards solution to all the "haters" Vick has.

Let me really state why I hate Mike Vick. I didn’t start hating mike Vick in 2006 like some. Some didn’t even know Mike Vick or what team he played on but as soon as they found out about what he did to animals they quickly learned who he was. PETA protested, People were outraged, and I just laughed it up.

I don’t hate Mike Vick for what he did to dogs. It’s terrible. And I love dogs. But that is not the reason for my hatred of Vick. In fact I think me and Mike may have only one thing in common. PETA is flat out annoying. While I don’t agree with what Mike Vick did in his off time, I have another reason as to why I don’t like the Eagles QB

My first memory of Mike Vick is in 7th grade. It was his rookie year and he was the new face of the NFL. I had one friend who ran out and got a Vick Jersey. I had watched NFL Countdown like a normal 7th grade kid but I vowed to watch the next game Vick played that was on TV. I did as I pledged to do. I watched the entire game. Can’t tell you, who they played, or what the score was, or who won. But one thing stuck with me and that was that he wasn’t a very good QB.

So I held my argument up for all to see....only to have it get shut down by everyone. "He’s got no weapons" was a popular slogan I heard. "He HAS to run" was another. "He’s just learning. McNabb was the same way" was one by Eagles fans. But still the more highlights and games I watched I noticed that he never won a game with the appendage you need as a QB, your arm.

In my mind Mike Vick was the most over rated QB in the league. While he rushed for a bunch of yards he threw for little to none. Even after the Falcons attempted to bring him weapons it didn’t matter. I swear some plays he would say hike and just take off running. Not even checking to see if a WR was open. Being a WR in Atlanta during the Vick era was kind of like if Good Will Hunting had never solved that problem on the board. Smart as hell but what did it matter.

Let me say that I don’t think Vick "needed" to run. I’ve heard that claim from a few people and I usually laugh. I think Vick was a ball hog who loved the spotlight. Loved being on ESPN and having the highlight of 8 guys missing a tackle. I feel bad for Peerless Price, Roddy White, Michael Jenkins, Ashley Lalie, Joe Horn, and Brian Finneran ect. Vick got ancy. He never waited for a guy to get open he just took off. I respect the QB who runs when the pocket breaks down. Not the one who just runs for the sake of running.

Another popular argument for Vick supporters is "HE HAD NO WEAPONS." Boy that got old quick. In Mike Vicks last season his receiving corp. consisted of 3 WR's all former 1st round picks. His TE was a former 2nd round pick. And he had Warrick Dunn who could catch the ball out of the backfield. So to say he had no weapons is a joke. He had weapons but he was a pessimist who had 3 shotguns and Colt 45.

My favorite argument is "BUT MIKE VICK RUSHED FOR 1000 YARDS." Are you easily impressed? I mean I can pat my head and rub my stomach at the same time. Look it was impressive. But he passed for 2474 yards. He rushed for 1039. That is a total of 3513 yards for the season. It’s pretty good. But not for a total yardage of a QB. That is the number you expect your QB to throw for. Not to run and throw for.

In 2006 Jp Losmann, Rex Grossman, John Kitna, Donovan Mcnabb (in 10 games) Alex Smith, David Carr, And Matt Leinhart ALL had more passing yards than Mike Vick. Last time I checked only McNabb is all that good. I mean I’m looking at bust after bust after bust. I’m shocked Carr threw for that much. You want to talk about a QB who "HAD" to run. Carr had no offensive line and was always under pressure and he STILL managed to throw for more passing yards then Mike Vick.

My biggest problem with Vick was the media and some fans acted like he was the second coming of John Elway. "Guy has cannon of an arm and can run like the win." I will remind those people who have used that statement before that Jeff George still has one hell of an arm. Both he and Vick didn’t have the other part though, Accuracy.

A QB's job is to throw the ball. He touches the ball and is expected to throw. Unless he is pressured but 9 out of 10 times you expect any QB to throw. That’s my main problem with Vick. He wasn’t a QB. He was a ball hog who occasionally threw. And god forbid he actually had an average game. You know threw for say 260 with 2 TD's. Yea Mike would act like he just threw for 400 yards. I guess to Mike 260 might as well have been 400 yards.

I’ve heard some people say "make Vick a RB." He wouldn’t survive as a RB. Revert back to my definition of a QB. A guy who throws. A RB is supposed to run the ball. Teams would basically know that when Vick is lining up in the backfield he is going to run. The thing that helped Vick the most was the element of suprise. When he dropped back in the pocket teams expected him to throw. When he just took off and ran it was unconventional and the defense would have to then abandon their assignments and go get Vick. It’s kind of like the passing game of Ladanian Tomlinson. Every once in a while LT throws for a TD. Fact is teams aren’t expecting that and its one of the reasons he gets away with it. When LT grabs the ball you’re expecting him to do his the ball. Same with Vick. If Vick was a RB he would get lit up.

Vick was an amazing athlete. Guy was exciting to watch. But he led the Falcons to the cellar in the passing yards section of the NFL in 2006. Yes this amazing athlete was the worst passing QB in the NFL in 2006 according to yards per game. Now they were able to lead the league in rushing but rushing is different than the QB position (obviously) with a RB you can have 2 decent backs on your team and have a really good tandem. But when your QB adds 1000 rushing yards to the already Dunn Ducket total......well it’s going to put you at the top. Whereas the QB position is a one man show.

My biggest example of how bad Vick utilized his WR is Roddy White. I’ve heard the argument that White just wasn’t that good with Vick and he "matured." But to throw some facts your way but I can’t help it. It speaks VOLUMES when Roddy White had a better receiving year with Chris Redman and Byron Leftwich manning the helm then Mike Vick. That’s not a coincidence. It’s hard to put up receiving yards when your QB isn’t throwing you the ball. When White finally got a real QB in Matt Ryan he had a career year. Don’t tell me that if Vick was still the QB White would be putting up these numbers. He wouldn’t because like Jenkins, Price, Horn, he wouldn’t be getting the ball.

Now I’ve heard some people say that with Vick the Eagles will institute the "Wild Cat" formation. I can’t remember the last time a team decided to switch their offensive scheme 3 games before the season starts. Look it’s plausible. And I’ve heard the arguments that they wouldn’t sign him and not use him but this is the Eagles front office were talking about. They get extremely jealous when other Philly teams are actually successful. Maybe they got sick of not being on the front page of the Daily News and decided to make a splash. Knowing the Eagles front office it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

Finally I will bring you back in the day to the year 2001. The Flyers picked up former Penguin Billy Tibbett’s. Tibbett’s pleaded guilty to raping a 15 year old girl in 1994. Flyers fans were outraged. There was no reason that then GM Bobby Clarke could give them to justify this signing. Tibbett’s played only 9 games for the Flyers until finally the fans got their way. Sick of the fan reaction and the negative press the Flyer released Tibbett’s. The Flyers admitted their mistake and listened to their fans. The Eagles won’t. It’s sad to think that there is no way the Eagles will ever admit that this move was anything but good. That’s just how cocky the Eagles front office is.

So unlike some I don’t hate Vick because of the dogs. I hate Mike Vick because the attitude he has and I believe he regained his title as the most over rated player in the NFL. He’s not a QB. He’s a joke. It is amazing to think that the Atlanta Falcons basically traded Ladanian Tomlinson and Drew Brees for this waste of talent. I will cheer for the Eagles but i am ashamed to be an Eagles fan.

I agree that Vick should be in this league. Pro football isnt a charity case. They dont give you a job unless your good enough. Mike Vick is good enough. But he will never be a good QB. I cant stand Mike Vick as a person and hate him as a player. It will be hard to bring myself to cheer for him. Hopefully i wont have too