The Return of the Hardyz: A New Faction May Be on the Way

Lucas BerndtCorrespondent IAugust 14, 2009

I am writing this after watching Friday Night Smackdown. The Hardyz have been at each other's throats for quite a while, but now it seems The Hardyz are going to make a comeback.

Many of you who watched Smackdown know that Jeff Hardy lost a match against The Hart Dynasty. CM Punk then came out and assaulted Jeff for the second or third time. One of the budding stars of the WWE came out to help Jeff. That star was John Morrison.

Morrison came out and defended Hardy by attacking both The Hart Dynasty and CM Punk. Morrison looked great defending someone who from the week of their title match he seems to have great respect for.

Morrison though was overcome by Punk when Punk brought in a steel chair. Punk then went to Hardy to try and destroy him. He once again put a steel chair around Jeff's neck until Matt Hardy came out and defended his brother.

After Matt got rid of both The Hart Dynasty and Punk, Jeff crawled back into the ring. Matt then stared at Jeff and many people thought he was going to attack Jeff once again but he helped him up.

Then it cut from the ring to show Teddy Long watching the whole thing. Now we have a match for next week with The Hardyz and John Morrison vs. Punk and The Hart Dynasty. I think after this match though that the three men will start a stable.

This makes sense to me because all three men are high flyers. Plus it seems now that the hiatus between Jeff and Matt is over all three men hold great respect for each other.

This is my take on what's going on on Smackdown nowadays. Well that's all for now. Adios.