Eugene Released!

Lucinda PerezContributor IAugust 14, 2009

Straight from
“WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Superstar Eugene as of August 14, 2009. We wish Eugene the best in all future endeavors.”

Seems as though Eugene didn’t win the hearts of WWE fans this time around. 

Twitter reactions to the shocking news:
@Oracle77: Shame Eugene has been released so soon. Means we won’t get to see him as GM again. Was hoping for another musical chairs segment(!) Ah well.

@theWrestleChick: Update: #WWE Releases Eugene…Again!

@bryanalvarez: Another WWE release: Nick Dinsmore - that was quick.

Personally, i’m with @Oracle77, I’m disappointed we won’t get to see Eugene guest host Raw. Would have been awesome to see him SWEET office again!

On a serious note, I think it’s pretty ridiculous for the WWE to fire guys like Kennedy and Umaga, just so that they can hire (and in Eugene’s case, fire) guys they’ve already tried their hand at before. If all things work out with Chris Masters, that’s great, but the fact is that he was fired once before. And with good reason. 

In Umaga’s case, maybe it was the right way to go, but Kennedy? Come on. The guy was a huge fan favorite EVEN while he was gone!

Anyway, Eugene’s been added to the “Future Endeavors” list. Can’t say i’m shocked. Can’t say i’m too disappointed. Hate to see someone lose their job though.

Later Luchadors,