Players to watch tonight

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Players to watch tonight

Robert Geathers - How does he respond to his microfracture surgery and how much playing time will he see? It's fair to say that everyone had high hopes on what Geathers could become when he signed his big extension a few seasons ago. Since that point a laundry list of things have stifled him from being the player he should be now including position changes, mismanagement, and another bonified weapon to attract double teams. It will be interesting to see if he is back healthy and has enough help to be a real threat.

Roy Williams - From what I can gather, Williams seems to be having a mediocre camp to this point. That could be because his strength is laying vicious hits and you can't really do that to your teammates, or it could be because he simply is what the Cowboys thought he was and just can't cut it anymore. Tonight will be the first night Williams can fly around and hit the way that made him one of the most feared hitters in the game. Whether he does that or not will go a long way in determining the safety position this season.

Anthony Collins - Just like Zane has alluded to recently, the Andre Smith hold out might not be such a bad thing because Anthony Collins is getting a great shot to show us how good he really is. If he has a monster preseason and rest of camp I wouldn't be surprised if Collins forces his way into the starting line up at either right tackle or left tackle regardless of Andre Smith's contract situation.

Michael Johnson - Of all our rookies Michael Johnson is probably getting the most hype. He's also the highest choice of this year's draft suiting up tonight. Rey Maualuga is nursing some injuries and of course Andre Smith is crushing some Wendy's somewhere. I'd curious to see how Zimmer gets him on the field early be it at linebacker or defensive end. Would you be surprised if he played some tight end tonight? Mike Brown seems to think defensive ends are athletic enough for that.

Kyle Cook - I'm really excited to see this guy play if for no other reason than finally seeing a Bengals center not spinning like a frizbee into our franchise quarterback. If Cook is ends up being an average center it would be an improvement and you could count me among the elated masses. This is a big deal though because we will see if all this talk about Cook being a hidden gem is just talk or a legitimate possibility.

Malcolm Jenkins - OK, OK so he's a Saint but I really want to see how he plays. Call me a homer Buckeye fan but Jenkins is a fascinating player because no one seems to know if he can play corner at this level. Going up against Chad and Vernie will certainly test his speed and will tell Saints fans if their groans and moans over corners getting regularly toasted can finally end.

Who Dey!

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