Yakees-Mets: Subway Series is Always Fun to Watch

joaquin encinasContributor IMay 16, 2008

Even thoug the Yankees are not playing great baseball this year, I will give them the advantage against the Mets in this first Subway Series. This is due to clubhouse problems with the Mets. The mood of the players is not the best, and it seems that they have not gotten over their horrible September last season.

The first game will be tough, but the Yankees know Santana very well, remember he was an American League pitcher with the Twins. Although Rodriguez and Posada will not be in the lineup this series, the Yankees still have a good lineup with Jeter batting third.

I think it would be a good idea to do that today against Santana, with Damon and Cabrera as the first and second batters, respectively. I guess we will just have to wait for the results, and see if the Yankees can come up with a sweep that will change the tide, and hopefully will bring good results to the Bronx.