How My Bleacher Report Story Helped Me Land a College Football Scholarship

Sanjay Kirpalani@@SanjayKirpalaniNational Recruiting AnalystFebruary 18, 2015

The tumultuous recruiting process of Easton Bruere finally came to an end last week when he signed to play for JUCO powerhouse Butler (Kansas) Community College.
The tumultuous recruiting process of Easton Bruere finally came to an end last week when he signed to play for JUCO powerhouse Butler (Kansas) Community College.Credit: Carl Bruere

On January 28, Bleacher Report published "The Best Football Prospect Nobody Has Ever Heard Of," the story of Easton Bruere. At the time of publication, Bruere had zero Division I offers and no idea where he was going to play football in 2015. This is what happened next, as told by Bruere to Bleacher Report's Sanjay Kirpalani.

Next year, I will be playing football at Butler Community College in Kansas.

I thought the recruiting process would take care of itself, but it didn't really work out that way. Honestly, it sucked at times. After you come home from a big win, and you played well and the team played well, and you should be feeling great, deep down in the back of your mind, you are thinking, "Dang, I have to figure out where I'm going to play next year!" I was getting letters from everyone across the country, but no real calls.

I just stopped opening the letters because they were piling up, and they were only interest letters. We sent out emails to everyone across the country during the season. A few people got back just with interest. A few told us they felt I was a Division I guy, but that was about it.

At the end of the season, I didn't have much going on. Then the article came out.

It was crazy. People would come up to me and say things like, "Bro, you're Twitter famous!"

It was great because not only did it open people's eyes about me, but it opened up the schools' eyes about recruiting New Mexico kids. There are plenty of good athletes here that can play at the next level. Our team alone has so many more contacts now. My coach can send out film to 100 more teams than he did in previous years because he actually knows these guys because they have been in contact with him since the article came out.

That's great for schools here in New Mexico, where it's been like a flyover state that most coaches won't stop by unless you're a freak athlete.

The main thing is that it got a lot more people talking, and I appreciate that.

I ended up getting offers from a few Division II schools, and a bunch of junior colleges wanted me as well. There was not a ton coming from Division I schools, and that was what I had my eyes set on. That's every high school kid's dream if they want to play at the next level.

After the article, Butler came along and invited me out there for a visit. I checked the school out and fell in love with the coaching staff and the tradition of that program. They win, and they send a lot of guys to Division I.

It also seems like the coaches are really involved with the kids. They know every player's name, unlike like a huge Division I school where coaches don't know your name if you are a third- or fourth-string guy. Their goal is to help you get a Division I scholarship as soon as possible. I thought that was a big plus.

Head Coach Tim Schaffner is great. I really enjoyed what he had to say and what he was offering. Plus, they have great facilities. So I decided to sign with them, and I hope this coming year is a good one.

I'm going to be working hard all spring, summer and into the fall to make sure I don't let everyone down. Hopefully, I have a great year at Butler. I just want to say thanks to everyone for the support, especially to my friends and family. We appreciate all the well-wishes, and I hope this is just the next step in my journey to make my dream of playing Division I football come true.