Standing Pat: Brady Is Back!

Joe GillCorrespondent IIAugust 14, 2009

We have all been waiting 341 days for his return like MacArthur’s return to the Philippines. Tom Terrific returned to game action for the first time since that dreadful day in September 2008. I remember sitting in my seats in section 336 on that glorious late summer day. My girlfriend went to her first game and perhaps last after the jinx she may have put on Brady (I am cringing about the Atlanta game this year. Love you baby!). I remember someone saying that #16 is in the game. I thought it was a cruel joke but it wasn’t.  NIGHTMARE realized!!


However, Cassel did a very commendable job back in 2008. Now he is in KC and Tommy is back at the helm. Tom played the first half going 10 for 15 for 100 yards, 2 TD’s to Chris Baker the Touchdown Maker, and 1 INT. Believe it or not my favorite moment of last night’s game beside, Mini-Bledsoe aka Julian Edelman running back a punt for a TD was Brady’s reaction to his ill advised throw.


He was pissed! You have to love that competitive fire Tom has. It doesn’t matter that this was a meaningless pre-season game or a playoff game. He goes full throttle all the time. This is why hands down he is the best QB in the league. He is a passionate leader that blames no one but himself for his mistakes. There is no crying about his line or wide receivers like Mr. Peyton Manning has done in the past.


Preseason game #1 is in the books and mission accomplished. Brady is shaking the rust off and is getting the games reps he needs. He is getting his rhythm back with Mr. Moss and has made new friends with Chris Baker. Tom’s toy box is full this year and he just can’t wait to play.