Olympics: A Little Redemption For Amputee Pistorius

John LewisSenior Writer IMay 16, 2008

As I've argued many times before ,double-amputee sprinter Oscar Pistorius deserves a chance to be able to compete in the Olympics. 

He'll finally get his chance to run as the Court of Arbitration for Sport made the decision to allow the runner to have his day in the sun.

The ruling overturned the decision made by the International Association of Athletics Federations back in January that prohibited him from qualifying in any event.  This now gives the 21 year-old South African the chance to qualify for the Beijing Games Aug. 8-24. 

The IAAF said that a decision to ban Pistorius was based on studies by German professor Gert-Peter Brueggemann, who found the J-shaped "Cheetah" blades were energy efficient.  Well, apparently Mr. Brueggemann isn't a runner, because it takes a little more than this to make an Olympic champion.

We've all heard the saying that a champion has a big heart. I've never heard that a champion has big feet, or blades in his case.  Pistorius still needs to hit a certain time in order to run in the individual 400 meters and if he doesn't, he can still be hand-picked for the South African relay squad without qualifying. 

At 46.56 seconds, Pistorius still holds the 400 meter Paralympic world record.  This still leaves him behind typical Olympic qualifying times around 45.55.  However, now that his appeal is over he can dedicate his time and energy to improving his strength and conditioning.

In a world where athletes are putting things into their bodies to make them different, Pistorius unfortunately had circumstances that were out of his control that made him different.