Hold Up Philadelphia... A Preseason Game Did Occur

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Hold Up Philadelphia... A Preseason Game Did Occur
So I know that everyone wants to talk about the signing of Michael Vick
right now, but let's keep this discussion as uncontroversial as
possible. PreSeason is an incredibly important time for rookies and a
few veterans as they are fighting for a spot to make the team.

a couple people I'm going to talk about quickly and absolutely
encourage anyone's views on these players or anyone else I don't

1. Jeremy Maclin - It took Maclin a drive
or two to get acclimated to the environment but he played well during
the game. He had 2 catches for 44 yards, which made him the Eagle's
leading receiver behind Eldra Buckley (more on him later). He also drew
the pass interference which obviously gave the Eagle's great field
position inside the 1 yard line. He also played incredibly well as a
punt returner; returning 2 punts for over 20 yards each.

LeSean McCoy - He averaged 5.5 yards/carry and was very explosive. He
made his way through some tough holes. He gained 19 yards on one
reception, but then lost 7 yards on another. Those 7 yards are NOT his
fault. Donovan McNabb was being pressured and he just dumped it off to
McCoy when McCoy was still standing right next to him. McCoy attempted
to scramble but there is only so much you can really do.

Eldra Buckley - This is the player who I was by far the most impressed
and surprised by. I expected Buckley to make a push for a roster spot,
but he blew me away. He had 2 touchdowns (1 receiving 1 rushing) and
was the Eagle's top receiver. Definitely the best contributor on the

4. The Entire Offensive Line - They looked pretty good
without 3 of the projected starters. Not the best offensive line in the
league, but they were effective.

Guys talk about anything about the game please!
I didn't address the defense because I need to go back and watch the
game again specifically looking at the Linebacker core, but tell me what
you saw! The Sheldon Brown interception was pretty sick, but what was
Asante Samuel doing holding hands with Randy Moss?

Here are the highlights: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8v8gkx9NamQ

And check me out at http://www.igglesfanatics.blogspot.com

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