BJ Penn Looking To Stay Active as the UFC Lightweight Champion

Nate DoubleAnalyst IAugust 14, 2009

My biggest complaint about BJ Penn has always been that he doesn't fight enough. 

Even if we disregard the layoff he took after his loss to Georges St-Pierre, to spend time with his new born daughter, Penn has only fought twice a year since 2005.

It seems in addition to revamping his physique, he also wants to compete more often possibly facing Diego Sanchez in a little as two months.

In an interview with the Hawaii Tribune-Herald Penn says, "Here I am. I’m in shape. I want to have fun for a couple of days, take some time off, eat some good food, and then I want to get right back into all that stuff." 

This is great news for MMA fans and bad news for Penn's future opponents.

Penn has stated numerous times that he's his own worst enemy because he does like to indulge in good food and the laid back atmosphere Hawaii provides.

Now that he's experienced being in the best shape of his life, he doesn't want to lose it. 

If Penn starts training year round, like Georges St-Pierre, and clears out his own division, we might see GSP-Penn III sooner than we expected.