Nothing to See Here: Four Errors Threaten to Derail Webb's Run

Glenn DarbySenior Analyst IMay 16, 2008

Brandon Webb has been brilliant.  He has gotten wonderful run support and usually is backed up by a sharp defense. 

His sinker has been working better than usual, and his changeup has brought nightmares to opposing NL West hitters. 

Last night's game was no exception. 

The Rockies went through 10 hitters before they were able to edge out a clean hit against Webb.  They didn't manage many more than that while Webb stayed sharp. 

He began to fade after the 100 pitch mark and surrendered one in the seventh and two more in the eighth.  111 pitches later, Brandon Webb was well on his way to win No. 9 when the bullpen got in the way.

In typical Arizona style, Brandon Medders (who has been solid his past couple appearances) walked the first batter he faced and then surrendered two singles leaving an ugly mess (but save opportunity) for Brandon Lyon to clean up. 

The Brandon train was interrupted by a one out appearance by Doug Slaten and another one out appearance by Chad Qualls. 

Lyon got through it and got the save.  Dbacks win.  Wow! (Cue the song).

Of course, had Randy Johnson, Max Scherzer, or Edgar Gonzalez been pitching, this story would have gone differently.  Each of these pitchers know all too well the nightmares that happen behind them on the field some nights. 

The ghosts of Luis Terrero haunt Chase Field, attracted by the red jerseys (since Matt Williams always said real men don't wear purple).  He stands around finding ways to make good players do stupid things. 

Orlando Hudson (he is the Gold Glove Class of 2007) took a ground ball to the groin that he subsequently stared at as it rolled in front of him and then, later in the game, watched as a solid Jeff Salazar throw dribbled past him. 

Two errors from a man who is supposedly the best at his position. 

Mark "remember to add an extra K and E after my name every night" Reynolds commits errors like fish drink water (he has eight now) and it doesn't really surprise anyone when he fails to get a glove on the ball. 

He allowed one to roll right under his glove in the first inning.  Then, in the sixth, Reynolds knocked one down, attempted to crawl to it, and then had Stephen Drew do his best Larry, Mo, and Curly impersonation by falling over him. 

No error scored but surely one to make the Baseball Blooper video during a rainout in Colorado next year.

Finally, during Chad Qualls brief stint on the mound, he used his super double secret pick-off move that not even long time teammate/first time first baseman Chris Burke knew was coming. 

The ball rolled somewhere into the Justin Upton territory of the wall and the runner advanced to second.

There just seems to be days that the Dbacks spray their gloves with Crisco and decide to trade contact lenses this season. 

At the same time, Orlando Hudson made an amazing running grab and throw to save a run. 

Mark Reynolds should still be remembered for throwing two guys out from his knees in the Wednesday night game, even if the umpire only called one of them.

These Dbacks are an interesting bunch.  They can flash the leather some nights and masquerade as the Bad News Bears on others. 

They will score eight runs every game at home this year but have trouble pushing across two while on the road.  There are nights when Medders, Cruz, Pena, and Qualls look unhittable, and then there are others where they resemble a a certain Rick Ankiel.

Blame whoever you like.  As long as they don't align in the negative for too long, we should be able to ride high this season.