What's the Big Deal About Joba?

Ryan Senior Writer IMay 16, 2008

I'd like to thing that I have a pretty good general understanding of most things in sports.  I was absolutely stumped, however, when several articles sprung up and talking heads began spouting about Yankees reliever Joba Chamberlain.

"Are his celebrations too excessive? Is there a need for this in sports?" Those kinds of questions rang out.  I wondered what he had done.  Had he pointed and screamed at someone in defiance? Had he back-flipped his way off the field?

Then I saw the clip of him striking out Indians outfielder David Delucci and immediately became perplexed.  Uh, did I miss something here?

I saw nothing but raw emotion; a guy excited about picking up a big out.  Nothing wrong with a fist pump and a yell.  Hell, Cy Young winner C.C. Sabathia practically turns into a lunatic after a huge out, screaming several times on his way to the dugout.

This got such attention that it required an interview with former Yankee great Goose Gossage in which the Goose basically said there was no room in the game for it and that if he had done it as a young kid, the veterans would've sat him down and insured he'd never do it again.

Do what again? Act like a human being with emotions? Sorry Goose, but there isn't anything wrong with showing emotion. God forbid every athlete isn't as mundane as possible.

Let the guy fist pump. Let him yell.  It's nothing more than a case of an excited kid.  And besides, he could've done faaaaar worse.

Although this will pass, it's just a reminder of how stupid the talking heads of the sports world are.  But give them time, I suppose.  They'll come up with something even dumber to gripe about.