From One Bird To Another.....Eagles Land Vick

Matt HolcombContributor IAugust 13, 2009

Is Vick there to take snaps from McNabb? Absolutely not. Vick is an Eagle because he was the perfect fit. There are many reasons why the Eagles signed Michael Vick.

First off, Eagle ownership made the decision in that there was more upside picking up Vick vs. the down side "negative" publicity he brings. So what do the Eagles expect to do with Vick?

People forget that just 24 months ago, Vick was the best athlete on the field many times. Don’t expect anything less from a well-rested 30-year-old. He's still young in this medical advancement world we live in today. 

Overtime, expect Vick to take on a Reggie Bush role for the Eagles. As an NFL quarterback, his transitional learning curve already has a head start. And yes...expect Vick to play QB.

Vick will serve as the back up QB to McNabb. With McNabb's history of injuries, Vick would serve the perfect replacement. But wait, there’s more.

Defensive coordinators will now have to prepare double duty...oh this week we got to prepare against McNabb...and Vick.

Eagles and Vick are the perfect fit. McNabb go get your super bowl, and Vick go redeem yourself the best way you can.

Love him or Hate him. He's back in the NFL.


-Matt Holcomb: Executive Producer

Spectator Sports LLC