Jimmy Scott's High & Tight

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Jimmy Scott's High & Tight
It's launched! "But," you say, "what is Jimmy Scott's High & Tight? Is it a Broadway show? Ooh, I love Broadway. Is there singing and dancing?"

No, it's not a Broadway show, thus, there is no singing and dancing.

"Is it a diner? I love to eat. Do you serve both steaks and chops?"


"Then which is it? Steaks or chops?"

It's not a diner.

"Is it a set of designer underpants? You're almost 40 Jimmy. You're at the stage in a man's life when the pants are either lifted above the stomach or below. Is it a set of designer underpants?"

No, but I like that idea. May I steal it?

"Jimmy," you say with gusto, "I'm stuck. What else can a famous formerly 'greatest pitcher of his generation' do that would be called Jimmy Scott's High & Tight?"

I'll tell you.

Go here: http://www.jimmyscottshighandtight.com/

That's it! It's a website.

"A website?"


"What on earth is a great baseball player who is definitely starting to go bald doing with a website?"

Stuff. I'm doing stuff. This blog? It's gonna go up there. The podcast interviews? They're gonna go up there. Video interviews? I'm gonna do some of them and put them up there. Oh, you'll feel joy learning more about my family, my team, our management. There is a Forum section where you can write nasty things about me. There is a poll up with more to come so you can act all American and vote. There are links. You'll see pictures. The list is not endless. It ends there.

"What will it cost me?"

Nothing. I'm a multi-multi-multi-millionaire. What am I gonna do with your money? Spend it on more underpants?

"Lord, I hope not."

That makes 3.2 million of us.

"What do I need to do?"

Go there, young man. Go to http://www.jimmyscottshighandtight.com/. Participate. Comment on blogs. Join the Jimmy Scott Fan Club. Click on the Syndicate button and let the daily website changes come to you. The site is like a ground ball. You need to set yourself into proper position to field it cleanly.

"I don't understand that last metaphor."

Neither do I.

"Are you still gonna blog here?"

Yeah. Still gonna blog, but probably more often. I want to have contests and give things away. I want you to become more involved in my life.

"Will we have sex?"

Nope. Vanessa would be mad.

"Will you have me over for dinner?"

Chances of that are extremely remote. What's in it for me?

"I'll go to your website."

Okay. Deal.

"Will you serve steaks or chops?"

Ha ha. You're funny. Enjoy the website. Enjoy your weekend. Root for me. I'm rooting for you.

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