Superfight Analysis of Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson "The Spider" Silva

Sinan AtacContributor IAugust 13, 2009

LAS VEGAS - JULY 11:  (L-R) Georges St. Pierre battles Thiago Alves during their welterweight title bout during UFC 100 on July 11, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

After hopes were extinguished for a Fedor-Lesnar superfight, our thoughts were once again drawn back to a possible Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre middleweight championship matchup.

After witnessing GSP's domination of Thiago Alves and Silva’s decimation of Forrest Griffin, my assessment on the potential outcome can be broken down into the following categories and their respective winners:



No surprise here. The Spider definitely has the upper hand when it comes to stand-up. At UFC 101 we were reminded why. His almost ninja-like evasions and lightening-quick counter punches cemented his status as the premier striker in all of MMA.

Knocking out Forrest with a jab didn't hurt either.

Advantage - Silva



In this category GSP undeniably possesses the advantage. Time and time again we have seen him take down first-class wrestlers with ease as well stuff their takedowns. If Silva has one weakness it is his takedown defense. Henderson, Marquardt, and Lutter all took him down in their respective fights with relative ease.

Does anyone see Silva stuffing GSP's takedowns?

I don't think so.

Advantage - GSP



Tough one to call.

GSP has superb guard passing skills, and Silva can submit the best of them (see: Travis Lutter). Neither fighter usually has to show Jiu-Jitsu off his back. We rarely see GSP’s Jiu-Jitsu from the bottom because of his wrestling and his ability to stay on top of fighters.

On the other hand, we don’t usually see Silva on his back because he either fights a) someone who wants to strike with him (which is a bad idea–sorry Forrest) or b) someone who isn’t a great wrestler.

Here I lean towards The Spider. He’s never really been in trouble on the ground, even with Henderson and Lutter on top of him.

Advantage – Silva


This is quite possibly the most important aspect of this assessment. If this fight were fought at middleweight, I would give the advantage to Silva. Anderson walks around at over 200 pounds when he fights at middleweight, whereas GSP is around 185.

If GSP took his time and gained a solid 10-15 pounds healthily that the size advantage might decrease.

But, on paper, moving up a weight class gives GSP a disadvantage.

Advantage – Silva


In the end, we can see that Silva would have a decided advantage in this fight, were it to happen at 185 pounds. GSP's only hope would be to take Silva down and keep him down for five rounds for a decision win, which is unlikely.

More likely it would be The Spider displaying more of his exquisite striking and winning by TKO. 

Unfortunately, Silva's last fight at light heavyweight has drawn eyes away from GSP and towards Lyoto Machida.

We will probably never see either superfight, as he expressly stated that he wouldn't fight Machida, and his dominance at 185 and now 205 makes it unlikely that he will fight someone from the welterweight division.

But a fan can dream, can't he?