Why Are the Giants Paying Manning So Much Money?

J HartmanCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2009

Does anybody understand this move by the Giants



Let's compare some facts using just the three QB's drafted in 2004:

Manning:  Average QB rating 76.1 with a season high of 86.4 and a season low of 55.4  Roethlisberger: Average QB rating 89.4 with a season high of 104.1 and a season low of 75.4  Rivers: Average QB rating 92.9 with a season high of 110.9 and a season low of 50.4


Manning: 74 Interceptions (4.3%)  Roethlisberger:  69 Interceptions (3.6%)  Rivers: 36 Interceptions (2.5%)


Manning: 55.9% completion Roethlisberger: 62.4% completion  Rivers: 62.3% completion


Manning: 42-29-0 59% Roethlisberger: 51-20-0 72%  Rivers: 33-15-0 69%


I don't think the Super Bowl wins is a fair comparison because Rivers hasn't been on an elite team yet but, I must say, both Manning and Roethlisberger have taken advantage of the opportunities they had.


Can anyone shed any light on this mystery?